Check out Calgary’s Best Indoor Bootcamp and winner of Top Fitness Club in Calgary for 2014!

Do you want to:

  •  Lose unwanted weight and body fat?
  •  Gain strength and fitness?
  •  Stop wasting your money on gym memberships and programs that you give you no results?
  •  Break through that dreaded weight loss plateau and see faster results?
  •  Never feel bored with your workouts again?

Then Vitality Fitness Calgary is just for you!

We are an exclusive, dedicated indoor bootcamp facility, and are much different than your typical gym or fitness facility.

At Vitality Fitness we differ from other facilities by offering:

  • Bootcamp only sessions at our gym. That means you are always working with a Certified Trainer, you automatically have more accountability with your workouts, achieve better and faster results, and all of this in a fun group setting.
  • Intense and fun workouts. Our workouts are intense, fun, and only 45-60 minutes! We coach you on proper technique and form to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout, and maximizing your results!!

We incorporate lots of weight training, interval cardio, and core work. Our workouts are full of variety and lots of new exercises, so you will never get bored! All of our trainers hold multiple certifications and are experts in fat loss, form correction, and body transformation.

  • Flexible schedule. We offer over 40 classes a week to suit all scheduling needs! Whether you are a shift worker, a stay at home mom, work early mornings, or work a typical 9-5 job, we have a schedule that works with yours. Finding the time to workout has never been easier with Vitality Fitness!
  • Individual Coaching. We coach you individually on proper form and technique with all exercises. This is important for preventing injury, getting the most out of each exercise, and maximizing your workout time” It’s like having a 1 on 1 personal trainer, but in a group setting.

We coach you individually on proper form and technique with all exercises. This is important for preventing injury, getting the most out of each exercise, and maximizing your workout time.

It’s like having a 1 on 1 personal trainer, but in a fun group setting!

  • No cookie cutter workout! Most group fitness classes and programs don’t look at individual needs, and have everyone do the same thing in a class.

We understand every body type and every person has different needs. Our Certified Trainers will modify and tailor exercises around your unique and individual situation, around your level of fitness and strength, and work around injuries to ensure you have a safe and effective workout! It’s group based personal training at it’s finest. Most 1 on 1 trainers will run you $70 a session. At Vitality Fitness you get the value and service of a 1 on 1 trainer at 1/5 of the cost!

We scale the workout to fit you, just like a 1 on 1 personal trainer would!

  • Ongoing support. Working out and exercise is only 1/2 the battle

Most gyms and facilities do not provide ongoing, 1 on 1 support for their members outside of the gym, to ensure they are progressing and reaching their goals.

We provide ongoing support to all of our members in our consultation and assessment services where we:

  • coach and guide you on nutrition
  • provide you with a meal plan to follow, if necessary
  • help you set realistic and achievable goals
  • provide off day workouts for you! many of our clients like to stay active when they aren’t at bootcamp but don’t know what to do and where to start!
  • do ongoing measurements and fitness testing, so you have a way to measure your progress.
  • assess your movement and flexibility to help prevent injuries.
  • provide ongoing assessments every 6-8 weeks to ensure you stay on track with your goals, and/or help make tweaks and changes to your program and nutrition if you plateau!
  • You get the value and service of a 1 on 1 personal trainer, at fraction of the cost!

So what I’m sure you are wondering, what kind of results do people get at Vitality Fitness? Check out of one of our success stories Natalie!

You name it, I used it as an excuse. Working night shifts, too busy with the kids, too expensive, not enough hours in the day, too many wonderful restaurants in Calgary. At forty, it was time to make healthy living and life style who I am. That’s when I met David. I felt welcomed, like I fit in and a part of the team from day one.

My goals were small to start. Creating new good habits. Vitality Boot Camp two times a week, along with focusing on serving sizes and substituting a salad for fries. Here I am seven months later, healthier than I’ve ever been. David made me realize that healthy, didn’t mean dieting to lose weight. Healthy means regular exercise, lean proteins, adequate hydration, green leafy vegetables and everything else in moderation without guilt.

Through the support and encouragement of David, Cherlene and Tina I now believe in myself. My fitness goals grew and became reality. With the friends I have made through Vitality Bootcamp, workouts are never a chore, they are fun, energizing and motivating. I am now within a healthy BMI, down over 35 pounds, multiple inches and four clothing sizes.


So if you:
  •  Want to lose those unwanted pounds and inches
  • Want to fit into old clothes again
  • Are tired of feeling tired and sluggish, and want your energy back
  • Tired of never seeing results at the gym on your own
  • Feel bored and stuck in a plateau with your workouts

Then come check us out!

We will give you your 1st class for free, and then you can get a 1 month trial for ONLY $20!

This is a risk free, no obligation way to try out our program, and see if it’s right for you!

Always here to inspire and motivate you

David Macdonald, owner, BaHkin. CPT and the Vitality Fitness Team!

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