Calgary Boot Camp Workout
Getting Fit and Staying Fit in Calgary is easy when you incorporate Vitality Fitness Club Calgary – and their infamous Boot Camp Workout – in to your lifestyle.  The fun, energizing Boot Camp Workout will jump start a sluggish metabolism, and boring fitness program, and have you loving your body and advanced level of fitness in a matter of weeks.

Calgary Fitness Club
Fitness Boot Camps in Calgary unleash your inner athlete, and transform your body before your eyes, by developing and improving Cardiovascular Health, Strength, Balance, Core Strength and Agility.  Founded by Calgary’s Boot Camp Workout guru – David MacDonald – Vitality Calgary caters to all levels of fitness and health goals.  Vitality is a Fitness Club in Calgary that focuses on helping individuals tone down their bodies while pumping up their confidence! With more than 42 classes held a week – this Calgary Boot Camp Workout will have you sweating and toning in no time. Vitality Fitness Club in Calgary also provides nutritional counselling, fitness instruction and motivational training.

Boot Camp Workouts in Calgary
It’s always the right time to commit to a Calgary fitness workout.  Each day you delay working out you delay reaching your optimum health and vibrancy. Don’t waste another day – register now for a Vitality Boot Camp Workoutand begin your journey to transform your body, your attitude and your life!

Worth the Weight!

Worth the Weight!

Over the past year or so, I’ve learned a remarkable amount about my body and how it works. I’ve changed ...

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Shannon got inspired by the Challenge

Shannon got inspired by the Challenge

I started with Vitality Fitness in February 2013. After spending a year off from fitness due to injury, it was ...

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Kylie found her Inner Athlete

Kylie found her Inner Athlete

I started attending Vitality Fitness Calgary Bootcamp in February 2013. I remember my first class... I was terrified at the ...

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Anthony turned his life around

Anthony turned his life around

After working a couple of years in Mongolia & China, I was fortunate enough to get transferred to Calgary March ...

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Natalie’s Story – Fit, Fabulous and 40+

Natalie's Story - Fit, Fabulous and 40+

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