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Dave’s Birthday Blog – 24 Life Changing Things…

Dave's 24 Life LessonsHi Boot Campers, I just wanted to pass along this quick blog post as today is my 24th birthday!

Today, I since I am 24 years of age, I would like to share 24 life changing things I have learned the last year that have really impacted me in a substantial way. All of which encompass the financial, relational, spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of my life. In no particular order here they are, hope you enjoy.

  1. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want other people to change, or circumstances to change, then YOU must change.
    •  If you want your partner or spouse to be a better listener, than you need to be a better listener
    •  If you want to feel loved, than you need to love more, unconditionally.
    •  If you want more money or time, than you need to give more of your time and money, unconditionally.
    You get the picture.
  2. In life, there are no mistakes and there is no failure. There are only lessons. Lessons that are always there to teach us something, to help us grow and evolve, and become a bigger and better version of ourselves. The next time you feel that you have failed or made a huge mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Ask yourself, how will this serve me and how can I learn and grow, and become a better person because of this.
  3. The little things mean EVERYTHING. Things like holding the door open for a stranger, buying someone behind you in a line a coffee, showing appreciation for other, etc.
  4. Creating some type of budget is the smartest thing you can do to get your finances under control. This will also teach you discipline and allow you to prioritize better with your spending. This is something I am still working on, and is a challenge.
  5. Structure is the most undervalued area of any fitness and nutrition program. My eating habits and fitness have only changed and become consistent when I am on a structured plan with definitive guidelines. The shotgun approach never works, so drop it.
  6. Figure of your life’s purpose and pursue it with passion. We all have a higher calling and something we were put on this Earth to excel at. The internal rewards you experience when you do this are life changing. Life is too short not to do this.
  7. Communication is the number one thing in any relationship. When you are having difficulty in your relationships, look at the style of communication you are using, Examine your tone, mood, and the words you us towards the other person. This is one area that I am working on getting better at.
  8. Take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life. You are responsible for and attract everything in your life. I understand this can be very difficult, as I myself have struggled with it many times; however the rewards from this are life changing.
  9. Yoga is the most underutilized practice in exercise. Everyone should do yoga at least 2x/week. Your flexibility, balance, posture, sleep quality, and mental health will improve substantially. Whenever I don’t do yoga, my life always feels more chaotic than if I am practicing regularly.
  10. Flexibility, the most important component of health. If you don’t have flexibility then moving properly or efficiently will be a challenge. This is area that I am going to focus on a lot these next few months.
  11. If you put garbage in, than your body will produce garbage in return. Eating unhealthy processed foods makes you feel weak, fatigued, and sluggish, and can negatively affect your mood. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum to the extreme this past year, and I would much rather give up junk food to have vibrant energy all day long.
  12. The more value you give to those around you in the world and the more you give of yourself, the more you will get in return.
  13. YOU are your # 1 priority. Not your spouse, kids, coworkers, boss, or even family. Until you are happy with yourself and take care of yourself will you then be able to give fully and completely to those around you. This something that is hard for most people to understand, yet such an important concept to grasp.
  14. The biggest lie that exists within ourselves is that we are not worthy of having the success that we want in our life. Quite frankly, this is bullshit. YOU are worthy, and deserve whatever you want in your life. Whether you seek the man or woman of your dreams, a fit and healthy body, financial freedom, or pursuing you life’s purpose, you deserve all of this and more. Ignore the bullshit that tells you otherwise.
  15. True success can be summed up in one word, happiness. A lot of money or friends can only change your level of happiness so much. First and foremost you must be happy with who you are.
  16. Gratitude puts everything perspective. We all have so much to be grateful for in our life. Anytime you are having a bad day, write day 5 things you are grateful for and I guarantee your mood and energy will instantly shift.
  17. Finding your significant other always comes when you least expect it, and when you are never looking. So if you are single, stop looking! Instead, start being the person you want to fall in love with!
  18. Your time is your biggest asset. I would much rather have more time then money any day. How are you investing this asset?
  19. Taking 1 day a week to completely decompress and do mindless activities is absolutely vital for your mental and physical health.
  20. Writing down “to do” lists is the only way I get important things done, and am productive with my time. Likewise, when I don’t and I fall behind quickly with my workload and will procrastinate.
  21. Eating 6 small meals a day outweighs any other way of eating I have tried by a long shot. I will never ever do 3 or even 4 meals a day.
  22. Doing late night yoga before bed will give you the best quality of sleep you have ever had. I used to be one of the those people who needed 8 hrs of sleep a night, now all I need is 5 because of late night yoga. Sleep is all about quality not quantity.
  23. Mindset if everything with achieving any level of success in your life. Focus on the solution not the problem. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Become crystal clear with what you want in your life and your intentions.
  24. Great changes and transformation come from the inside out. This counts for everything like your health, your body, your level of income, and your relationships. You must change who you are at your core, before you can evolve externally.

Have any comments or other thoughts on life changing notes that will help me in the years to come? I’d love to hear them. Post a comment below or feel free to comment on our Facebook page.