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3 Things We Have That Other Calgary Bootcamp Fitness Gyms Don’t

Bootcamp-style workouts are fun, interactive, and constantly challenge your mind and body in new ways. That makes them incredibly effective for exercise and mental stimulation, which in turn attracts lots of men and women who want to get fit.


It should be no surprise, then, that Calgary features a handful of different bootcamp-style gyms, workouts, and fitness centers.


Regardless of what you might see in advertisements, though, not all Calgary bootcamp gyms are the same. In fact, we offer three important things that most of our competitors don’t:


1. Indoor training. Although a lot of bootcamp companies operate from parks and community centers, this can put a crimp in your exercise schedule if the weather changes unexpectedly (as it often does here in Calgary). With indoor training available, we can keep your workouts on track, even if the weather forecast isn’t.


2. A committed group of trainers and instructors. We might not be the biggest company around, but our people make us one of the best. Because we aren’t a mega-gym, we are able to focus our attention on bringing in the best trainers and instructors, and then working with them to give our members the attention and encouragement they deserve.


3. A friendly and active community. We aren’t just great for getting you into shape, but also for making new friends. Lots of our members hang out socially, and our gym hosts a number of events, like receptions and pub crawls, because we want to encourage everyone to stay fit and have fun.


If you are tired of the “same old workouts,” combined with the “same old results,” now is the perfect time to check out Calgary’s Vitality Fitness Bootcamp. We even have specials for new members, so drop in today and see for yourself what we’re all about!


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