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The 5 Hardest Things About Getting Into Shape

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By now, you already know that getting into shape isn’t easy. If you don’t know this from personal experience, you’ve probably figured it out because every Calgary gym, magazine, and website seems to remind you on a weekly basis.

But, what is it that makes it so tough to get fit and lose a few extra pounds? From our experience, here are the five biggest roadblocks:shutterstock_143975662

1. Simply making the decision to get into shape. Because it seems so scary and intimidating, a lot of people can’t commit to actually making an effort to get in shape. You simply have to find the inner strength to decide you’re going to make a change.

2. Breaking old habits. If anything is holding you back, it’s probably your existing routine, which might involve unhealthy foods, not enough sleep, and more than a little television time. But, your old habits were once new, and you can replace them with something better.

3. Finding the exercise program that works for you. If you don’t choose an exercise program that’s fun and motivating, you’ll have a very hard time sticking with it. That’s why bootcamp gyms like ours work so well.

4. Balancing exercise with rest and nutrition. No matter how hard you work out, it’s difficult to make gains unless you get lots of rest and eat the right foods. Our trainers can help you learn how to treat your body right, and make the most of every day and activity.

5. Staying motivated long enough to become a fit person. The beautiful thing is that, over time, your new fitness habits become a healthier lifestyle, and one that allows you to enjoy every day just a bit more. The trick is staying with it for two or three months until the benefits become automatic.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed what each of these challenges has in common – although they all appear difficult to beat on the surface, they are all actually quite simple to overcome once you recognize them for what they are and get committed to making a change. Make a decision, get serious about being fit, and then come see us. We know you can do it!


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