5 Things That Stop Calgarians From Getting Into Shape

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Generally speaking, you run into two different types of people: the ones who are in shape, or are in the process of getting into shape, and the ones who talk about it quite frequently but never seem to hit their goals.

Why is that? Given that health and fitness are such a big priority for most of us that it’s on the cover of dozens of magazines every month, millions of us seek out weight loss tips, and getting fit is the most popular New Year’s resolution people make anywhere on the planet, what’s stopping everyone?


In our experience, here are five things that stop Calgarians from getting into shape:

1. Being afraid to get started. Change can be scary, even if you’re moving towards a goal that’s very important to you. The best way to overcome those fears is to commit to doing something small (like taking an introductory fitness class), and then promise yourself a reward afterwards.

2. Choosing the wrong gym or workout. When you work out at the wrong gym, either because of its price, location, or scheduling, getting fit feels like a chore instead of an opportunity. That’s not good for your long-term progress.

3. Not getting into a fitness routine they can stay with. Likewise, it’s important that you choose activities that are right for you, especially at the beginning of your fitness routine. Trying to do too much at once leads to injuries and the loss of motivation.

4. Not changing a bad diet. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see results from any workout routine if you aren’t giving your body the right fuel. Learning to change your eating habits isn’t as hard as many people think, but it’s an important part of getting fit.

5. Spending too much time with unfit people. It’s a lot easier to get in shape if you’re surrounded by other people who are doing the same, or who are at least encouraging you to try your hardest to reach your potential.

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