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5 Ways to Get Back on Track With Your 2014 Fitness Plan

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Calgary BootcampDoes it already feel like 2014 is getting away from you, and that you’re falling back into old habits of eating junk food and not working out? Don’t worry, you certainly aren’t alone and there’s plenty of time left for you to reshape your body this year.

To help you get started, here are five ways you can get back on track with your fitness plan:
1. Try something completely different. The easiest way to break a habit is to fall into a new one. Why not try a completely different kind of workout or fitness program and see if you like it?

2. Temporarily lower your goals. It could be that you’re pushing yourself too hard, or asking too much given your current scheduling demands. Scale back your expectations and you might have an easier time meeting them.
3. Keep track of everything. With all the apps on the market, it’s never been easier to count foods, calories, and workouts. The more closely you keep track of your progress, the less tempted you’ll be to cheat on your fitness plan.
4. Take away what you hate. If there’s a specific exercise or workout that you hate, stop doing it. If it’s really important, you can come back to it later – but for now, your biggest priority is getting started and establishing momentum.
5. Concentrate on the positive, not the negative. Stop hating the way you look, or punishing yourself for being lazy. Instead, focus on the great feeling you get from exercise and make the most of the resulting motivation.

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