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Vitality Boot Camp Calgary provides a complete body workout in an encouraging and engaging group setting.  Classes are 45 minutes in length and cover everything from cardio to strength to abs while injecting fun and variety into your otherwise monotonous gym routine.  Classes are held throughout the day, Monday to Friday, with 1 on 1 personal training, assessment and motivational sessions available seven days a week.

Owner, Dave MacDonald, is a graduate of the Human Kinetics program at St. Francis Xavier University  and holds a certificate in Personal Training from Canfit Pro. He opened Vitality Bootcamp Calgary in May of 2010 and recently unveiled a new location in October 2010.  When not helping others achieve their athletic training goals, he participates in all things exercise from boot camps to yoga.

Boot Camp in Calgary – What’s Involved

When people hear the words ‘boot camp’ they imagine military training for new recruits.  But Vitality’s Boot Camp Workouts are so much more and will even challenge the most seasoned boot camp soldier!

Boot Camp Workout

What is Boot Camp?
 Traditionally Boot Camps have gathered in a local park for a small group of people to sweat it out on soggy grass – not at Vitality Calgary – home of ‘the’ Boot Camp Workout. With more than 42 classes a week held indoor in an environment that doesn’t have you battling the elements so you can stay focused on getting the most from your workout. Vitality’s artificial turf floor helps protect your joints through all range of movement and helps keep your body feeling great right to the end of your fitness class. During a regular Boot Camp Class in Calgary you can expect to be motivated by the high energy level of trainers who bring a fun, fast paced, friendly workout that is specifically designed to make you sweat. Incorporating a mixture of plyometrics, interval training, push-ups, and of course ‘burpees’Boot Camp Workouts target all aspects of your fitness needs – from cardiovascular health, to strength and balance. And if the regular Boot Camp isn’t enough to get you sweating – the Advanced Class offered on a Saturday morning amps up the intensity. This high intensity class involving – TRX push-ups, Rope Battling on a Bosu – challenges individuals both mentally and physically. Safety always comes first at Vitality Calgary so individuals must be pre-screened by a trainer to be able to participate in the Advanced Class.

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At Vitality Fitness Centre in Calgary personal trainers realize that not every participant’s level of fitness will permit them to perform exercises with the same strength and intensity.  Trainers modify movements to accommodate those recovering from injuries and those who are new to working out. Ultimately Boot Camp Workouts in Calgary are a fun challenging way to get amazing fitness results in a supportive, encouraging community.  Register today for a Boot Camp Workout at Vitality Calgary.





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**Vitality Fitness clients have been known to achieve many different results. From weight loss, strength training, minor rehabilitation, inches lost and more. These results will vary on a case by case basis, as no two individuals are alike. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results, and no guarantee is implied. The photographs and testimonials on are of real clients who have been using Vitality Fitness for a varied duration of time. The 50 day challenge participants and members have been asked to provide their stories, their point of views, their successes and their struggles. Results will vary. Please consult your physician before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have not been active for a prolonged period of time. The success stories displayed on Vitality Fitness are of those who: have completed a 50 Day Challenge, are ongoing members, follow a nutrition plan, may supplement (vitamins), who track their results and work with Vitality Fitness for their weight loss and fitness goals. Results will vary based on the number of classes you attend, your health and adherence to the nutrition and workout plan customized uniquely to you. References to “losing inches” or “inches lost” refers to the total combined amount of inches lost throughout the entire body.