A Personal Training
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A Personal Training Experience In A Group Setting!

Welcome to Vitality Fitness!

We know that many Calgarians are interested in getting fit, losing weight, or just being more active in general. We think that’s great, but unfortunately, a lot of gyms have slowly created a hyper-aggressive culture that can make newcomers feel unwelcome and unwanted. We like to think that Vitality Fitness is a little different, and here’s why!

Personal Training Experience

One of our favourite services that has Calgarians coming back to Vitality again and again is our boot camps. A boot camp is a high-intensity workout, but instead of having huge classes where you get lost in a sea of bodies, we create an experience more similar to personal training without sacrificing community. We keep our classes relatively small and have lots of qualified instructors to keep the student-to-expert ratios low. This allows for individuals who are new to the gym-experience to ask lots of questions about how to do the exercises effectively and safely. It also means you get the information that’s important to your priorities and your body.

Safe, Indoor Setting

If Calgarians only exercised when there wasn’t snow on the ground, we’d all find it very hard to stay fit. A lot of boot camps take place outdoors. They often center around the idea of getting your body “beach ready”, whatever that means. But we prefer to provide a consistent indoor setting for our boot camps. By doing classes indoors, we can offer new challenges by introducing new exercises to your fitness plan — not by making you exercise in -20. An indoor setting also means you can start working towards your fitness goals immediately, and you won’t need to stop because it’s too hot or too cold. Great health and fitness is an ongoing process, and we want to help enable all Calgarians to keep working towards their goals regardless of what’s going on outside.

Goal Oriented

We understand that our members usually join our gym because they have a goal in mind. They may want to lose weight, tone their muscles, or improve their strength. Others are looking for a healthy, afterwork activity they can do with their partner, coworkers, or adult children. At Vitality Fitness, we firmly believe that our job is to provide you with a safe environment that facilitates your success at your individual goals. Let us help you stay focused on what you want to achieve and give you the advice you need to constantly move in the right direction.

At Vitality Fitness, you’ll find boot camps for every fitness level. From raw beginners, who are looking for an easy intro class, to advanced gym-experts who prefer a group setting, and everything in between, we have a class for you. In fact, we offer over 45 class each week. We know that achieving your goals doesn’t mean your whole world stops, and we want to make sure there’s a class at the right level and the right time for your busy life.

Vitality Fitness creates an environment that inspires its members to change their lives through health and fitness. We have memberships available for individuals, couples, and families. Sign up for a trial month today for only $20!

We scale the workout to your fitness level just like a personal trainer would, without the outrageous price tag!

Try your 1st month for ONLY $20.

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