Thank you for contacting Vitality Fitness Calgary!! We are super excited to help you reach your health and fitness goals! To give you a little background on Vitality Fitness, we offer full body, personal trainer guided bootcamp classes that are designed to get you an excellent workout and help you get in great shape!

Our bootcamp sessions are designed to help you lose unwanted body fat, tone, improve strength and cardio, and give you more energy! Each workout contains a warm-up, weight training, cardio, core work, and a cool-down with stretching. You will always have a full body workout, every time you attend our facility, led by a certified personal trainer.

We offer a very supportive, community like environment unlike the traditional or typical gym experience. You won’t feel uncomfortable, intimidated, judged, or out of place, as all of our classes are designed for all fitness levels, abilities, and age groups. All of classes are filled with clients who are there with the same goals as you!

If you have an injury, are new to exercise, or have not worked out in ages we can absolutely work with you! Our trainers can accommodate and modify the workout to suit your fitness level, needs, and any injuries you have.

Our certified and qualified trainers don’t stand in front of the room and yell out instructions like a typical group exercise class at the gym. They actually come around and check your form and technique, show you how to do exercises correctly, and make any adjustments or modifications if necessary. All of our trainers are required to go through an 8 month internship to ensure they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to work with various fitness levels.

You’re very welcome to come try out your 1st month for only $20. Our trial month has no strings attached, which means you are not required to become a member afterwards. Please see our first FAQ question, How do I get started if I am new? for help getting an account set up.

If you are concerned about whether your injury or level of fitness is ready for our program, you are welcome to book in a 15 minute appointment with one of our amazing staff to discuss this, and to also check out our gym and the atmosphere we offer.  You book this appointment in by replying to this email.

You can book into any of our class times, with the exception of the advanced classes which are by invitation only. This allows you to fit your workouts around your life. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy in place for all classes. So please do your best to cancel within this time frame.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


How do I get started if I am new?

Promotions are limited to one per person, new clients only. Click the applicable link, fill out the new user form and proceed to checkout. Trial month payment methods are visa or mastercard.

For our SOUTH location:

If you have purchased a Groupon, please click here: South Groupon Class Pass

If you have purchased a Living Social, please click here: South LivingSocial Class Pass

If you are signing up for our Unlimited Trial Month, please click here: South Trial Month

If you do not have a credit card and wish to pay in cash at our facility, please click here: South Trial Month with Cash at First Class option

For our NORTH location:

If you have purchased a Groupon, please click here: North Groupon Class Pass

If you have purchased a Living Social, please click here: North Living Social 20 class pass

If you want to try our $20 Trial Month, please click here: North $20 Trial Month

If you do not have a credit card and wish to pay in cash at our facility, please click here: North Trial Month With Cash at First Class Option

If you do not see your pass or trial listed above, please sign up at https://www.wellnessliving.com/signup/vitality_fitness_calgary. Confirm your account with the email you receive and the visit the online store to find your trial. If you need assistance, please email south@vitalityfitnesscalgary.com or north@vitalityfitnesscalgary.com .

Why are the classes I want full?

We cap class sizes for both safety and quality. Some class times are very popular, and fill up very quickly. Try choosing a different class time or day. Book as far in advance as you can and use the waitlist feature to get into those prime class times. And please, if you can’t make it, log in and cancel your class so that someone else can have your spot. You can also try booking on the same day as people do late cancel, which opens up their spot.

The Online Scheduling system says I have to go on a waitlist. What is that?

When a class is fully booked, the system will ask you if you would like to go on the waitlist for that class time. If someone cancels, people on the waitlist will be notified AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE that they have been added to the class. The waitlist is a very effective system and it’s not unusual to have 10 or more people in a class who were added from the waitlist. This is part of the reason why we ask you to give 24 hours notice of class cancellations – so that someone on the waitlist can be notified in a timely manner.

Do I have to book certain class times?

You can book your classes around your life and are not restricted to a set pattern. If you would like to take our advanced class, please speak with a trainer as you must be pre-screened to participate.

Are there any ‘Hidden Fees’ with my voucher purchase?

No extra charges, no strings attached.

Can I put my mom and sister under my account as a relative?

No. Please have separate accounts for everyone. This makes it easier for you to book your classes and less confusing for us when it needs to be fixed.

When I registered, it tells me my voucher expires the day I registered. I thought it was when I first attended a class.

The system automatically generates an end date of 30 days from when you registered. BUT this date will change once the date of the 1st class you attended has past.

Keep in mind, if you LATE cancel, the system will ‘charge’ this as a class attended.

What is a LATE Cancel?

24 hrs or less prior to a class start time. The system will recognize this as a class taken and it will count against your class total. If you are a late cancel or a no show, you will not be able to make up for this class. Those on vouchers who no show or late cancel 2 times will be removed from their scheduled classes and their account will be suspended; booking privileges will be revoked. They will be responsible for emailing Vitality to schedule classes 24 hours or less before of the class they want.

I noticed a spot open in a time slot that I prefer. I have already booked my class for a later time, can I switch times?

No, the system sees it as a late cancel and will not allow you to book the new class time. Please keep your scheduled class time. If you show up to the desired time, not being registered for that time, you may not be able to attend the class.

Can I use a new voucher if I have been to your bootcamp in the past?

No. All vouchers are to be used by new clients to Vitality Fitness, regardless of which voucher company you bought them from. You cannot purchase vouchers as gifts and use them yourself. You also cannot purchase vouchers from different deal companies (such as a Groupon and a Dealfind) and use them concurrently.

What happens if classes are completely filled and I cannot register?

If all classes are filled you will be placed on a waiting list until spots free up, and will receive notification via email if you get in. The wait list will lock 24hrs prior to class start time, which means if you are trying to book a class for the same day and it’s full you will not be able to register.

Can I just show up to class if the class is full?

You can show up BUT keep in mind if the class is full we will ask anyone not registered to leave. This is for safety and fairness to those signed up in the class. Please inform the trainer or admin that you are on standby.

What type of accommodations does your facility have?

At the south, we have men’s and women’s change rooms with lockers and a washroom with a shower stall. At the North, we have men’s and women’s change rooms as well as showers in the change rooms. We have an artificial turf floor that is very joint friendly. Please note that indoor shoes are required on our flooring; if you do not have a pair of clean indoor shoes we will ask you to work out in your socks. There are no exceptions to this rule.

What happens if I have injuries? Can I still do class?

We would prefer that you not come to class with an injury unless your doctor has given you the go ahead to do the class. In which case, we can give modifications to each exercise.

How often should I attend classes?

To see the best results you need to be doing class 3x/week. Anything less than this and results and improvements will be very limited.

When are classes?

Please see http://www.vitalityfitnesscalgary.com/about/schedule/ for a full listing.

In the South:  

Mon-Fri – 530am, 930am, 1200, 415pm, 515pm, 615pm

Mon-Thurs – 715pm-815pm

Mon-Wed-Fri – 645am

Saturday – 745am, 90am, 1015am (advanced), 1130am

In the North:

530AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday

945am Monday, Wednesday and Friday

12 noon Monday, Wednesday and Friday

415pm, 515pm, 615pm and 715pm Monday through Thursday

745am, 9am and 1015am Saturday

All class times are subject to change.

What if I am late for class?

If you are late for class, you will not be able to participate. Late means – 2 mins into warm up.

Do you have childcare available?


What are the ages of people in class? Can my child come with me?

The ages of participants range anywhere from 18-82 years old. We DO NOT offer classes or programming for anyone under the age of 18 without the permission of their parent/guardian.

Who teaches the classes?

National level certified and qualified personal trainers who have an extensive knowledge base in health, exercise and nutrition.

Where are you located?

In the south, we are at 7730 MacLeod Trail SE, Unit 4r. It’s on the east side of MacLeod Trail, in the same building as Tom’s House of Pizza, right beside the Cheesecake Cafe. We are on the rear side of the building. Please follow the signs for parking as we have an exclusive parking area.


What are your membership options and costs?

Basic membership is available. Prices are available at the facility. We do have an early enrollment incentive that can save you up to 25%. Full prices vary from 169/month to 259/month.

How do you accept payment?

We accept all payments via direct withdrawal, mastercard or visa. We only accept cash or cheque payment if you are paying your entire membership up front.

What do I need to bring?

Indoor shoes are a must. We use an artificial turf floor and we want to make sure our floors stay clean. Bring a water bottle. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water – we don’t want you to get light headed.
Other than that, bring a sense of adventure!

What can I expect to achieve?

You can expect to drop inches and pounds while becoming more fit and toned. On average you will drop 3-6 pounds, 1-2 dress sizes and 2-5% body fat every 30 days. The program includes exercises designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, tone the arms, increase fitness and stamina, reduce body fat and “bloat” and increase confidence.**

If your question has not been answered, please contact us at:



Vitality Fitness Calgary

**Vitality Fitness clients have been known to achieve many different results. From weight loss, strength training, minor rehabilitation, inches lost and more. These results will vary on a case by case basis, as no two individuals are alike. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results, and no guarantee is implied. The photographs and testimonials on vitalityfitnesscalgary.com are of real clients who have been using Vitality Fitness for a varied duration of time. The 50 day challenge participants and members have been asked to provide their stories, their point of views, their successes and their struggles. Results will vary. Please consult your physician before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have not been active for a prolonged period of time. The success stories displayed on Vitality Fitness are of those who: have completed a 50 Day Challenge, are ongoing members, follow a nutrition plan, may supplement (vitamins), who track their results and work with Vitality Fitness for their weight loss and fitness goals. Results will vary based on the number of classes you attend, your health and adherence to the nutrition and workout plan customized uniquely to you. References to “losing inches” or “inches lost” refers to the total combined amount of inches lost throughout the entire body.