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How to Approach New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is always an interesting time in our industry. You see it all.

Whether it be new products, new systems, new methods, new advice,  or people writing on facebook about their goals and resolutions.


Speaking of facebook, I saw an interesting post by a well known and respected trainer in the industry I follow. The trainer is obviously very passionate about what they do, as it evident from their facebook content.

However, the trainer said one thing that I didn’t quite agree with. “Forgot about New Years resolutions, you will be done in 2 weeks and go back to where you were before. What you need is a plan, not another resolution”.

While I agree that we all need a plan to reach our goals, telling people to “ forget “ about their resolutions/goals can come across as very discouraging for most people.

New years resolutions, like all things, starts out well intentioned. And like all things usually become disappointing when the implementation and action taking starts.

And that’s for 2 reasons:

The Approach one takes

The Expectations one has

What we all need is a plan to become successful, but we also need a different approach and different expectations around our resolutions.

What if I was to tell you to start approaching your New Years resolutions knowing that you’re going to slip up, know you are going to fail, and you will fall off the wagon 1, 2, 3, 5, and maybe 10 times or more.

What if I was to tell you to expect that it’s going to be hard, expect it’s going to take a lot determination and everything you have, expect that you will struggle and you will want to quit,  and expect that it’s going to take a lot of time to get what you want and much longer than you anticipate.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Don’t be so negative. If I think all of those things, then of course they are going to happen”.

While this may seem negative, what you are doing with this approach is being realistic.

Pouring chocolate on a nail doesn’t make it candy.  It’s still a nail, and if you step on it, it’s going to hurt, no matter how much you resist.

It’s an illusion to think you won’t have any challenges with your resolutions, and in fact, with your life.  Be it your job, your relationships, your fitness goals or your mindset.

Yet many of us do think it will be easy. We seek the path of least resistance.

For everything you experience, there is ALWAYS a good and a bad. A challenge and a reward.  A struggle and with that struggle comes success.

Often times, the bigger our goal, the bigger the challenge. The bigger person we need to become, the bigger changes that need we need to make, and the bigger struggle we will have.

Yet the only thing that separates those who succeed and those who do not is one thing;  those who succeed just never give up. No matter how much they fall off the wagon, how discouraged they get, or how much they want to give up, quitting just isn’t an option.

So this year, approach your New Years resolutions differently, and with different expectations.

Know that you will fail.

Know You will struggle.

Know You will want to “ throw in the towel”

Expect change to take time and much longer than you think it will.

Expect that you will probably  eat “ bad” food,  miss workouts, and fall off the nutrition wagon as many times you need to, to help you learn and grow.

But just know one thing. Despite all of this, if you just keep going and never give up, you will achieve anything you desire.

Here’s to different expectations and a different approach this New Year.

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Always here to inspire and motivate you, David Macdonald and Vitality Fitness Team.




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