Coming Back To Exercise After An Injury- 3 Things to Know

If you haven’t had an injury yet, consider yourself lucky. Many people who exercise and play sports find themselves having an injury at some point. Yes, you should treat your injury immediately. There’s even a handy acronym – RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Seek out appropriate professional help from a physiotherapist, sports chiropractor, MD or
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Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp

Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Sometimes, even the most hardcore of us just don’t feel like going to the gym. Maybe we’re feeling lazy from a chill weekend, or strung-out from rough day at work. Getting to the gym seems to be the toughest decision, but here are a few reasons why you definitely should pull yourself off of the
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Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth and Your Lifestyle

Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth and Your Lifestyle - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

You find yourself staring longingly in the window of bakeries, you linger at the dessert table at the end of the buffet line, you daydream about the next episode of Sugar Showdown during your run on the treadmill. You’ve got a sweet-tooth that seems to be interfering with your fitness journey. Here at Vitality Fitness,
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Getting to Know Cardio

Getting to Know Cardio - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Centre Calgary

We hear and talk about cardio all the time, but what exactly is it? As a category of fitness activity, it’s actually a bit more rich and complex than you might think. The better you understand it, the more creative and effective you can get when it comes to your exercise habits! The Basics Cardiovascular
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Weighing the Options: Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Weighing the Options: Indoor and Outdoor Cycling - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Training Calgary

Cycling is one of the best exercise activities out there. It does a great job of training the strength and flexibility of your muscles, exercising your joints, and benefiting your cardiovascular system. When it comes to going for a spin or using a bicycle, what are the differences? Taking Things Outside Now that the weather
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Should I do cardio for weight loss?

Doing cardio work gets overemphasized with weight loss . Whether you workout on your own, with a personal trainer, do a bootcamp, and whatever your fitness goals may be, cardio has its place. With weight loss being the focus, proper nutrition and a properly designed weight training plan need to your top two priorities. A
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Hate Eating Vegetables? Do this instead….

We have all been told to eat our vegetables for better health, weight loss, and to nourish our body. But what if we don’t like vegetables? In fact, what if we despise eating them? Our Doctor’s orders can go in one ear and out the other, concerning our vegetable intake. We don’t need to tell
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Why You Weigh More At Night

Weighing yourself to gauge personal progress has its benefits and drawbacks. Scale weight tells you very little in terms of “how” your body is changing. Questions that cannot be answered include: – How much body fat are you losing? How much muscle are you gaining? You can see zero change on the scale but have
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Vacation Workouts: Getting Fit on the Beach

Vacation Workouts: Getting Fit on the Beach - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Many of the most popular winter getaways will take you to where the beaches are. This is great for escaping winter, but it’s also great for your fitness plan. A vacation might throw off a few of your routines if you let it, but beach exercise has many things to take advantage of! Air and
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Should You Work Out While You’re Sick?

Should You Work Out While You’re Sick? - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Maintaining a consistent and productive exercise routine is a key part of your path to better health and fitness, but finding time to exercise can be more challenging in some circumstances than others. For example, is it a good idea when you’ve come down with something? Common and Harmless? Throughout every winter season, catching a
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