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4 Reasons Why Music Is Your Best Workout Buddy

4 Reasons Why Music Is Your Best Workout Buddy - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

Nothing is more motivational than an awesome workout playlist. The right tunes can pump us up and keep us going all through our exercise routine. But did you know that working out to music actually has scientifically proven benefits? Get Lost in the Music Listening to music during a workout can
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Work it Right the First Time

Mike Holmes is right about doing it right the first time. What is the point of doing something or even learning something twice. This idea can also be applied to your fitness regime, as we are about to talk about one of our favourite topics: Proper Exercise Technique. Whenever we do
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Sleep and Hormones

Today’s lifestyles tend to be filled with a mad rush of activity. We all have goals that we want to accomplish, we all have busy social lives, and we all have jobs that need to be done. It always seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.
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Lose Weight By Managing Stress

Stress. We all have it, we all know that it’s not a good thing. But sometimes life just keeps throwing stress at us. The immediate needs of the moment can overwhelm us and push us away from stress reduction techniques – we think “I can relax more tomorrow, after I’ve dealt
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Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Why Variety Isn’t That Important

muscle confusion traffic lights

Variety or muscle confusion is touted as the be all and end all for seeing results, and marketed as the pillar of an effective exercise program.  Infomercials and magazines are constantly adding hype to this concept, and convincing consumers that throwing as much variety as possible at your body to “always
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