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10 of the Best Ab/Core exercises

For most people, toning the abs, getting that elusive 6 pack, and strengthening the “core” is a big goal. Whether you want to achieve one of these goals, or all three, they each require different things. First, if you want to tone and define your midsection changing your nutrition needs to
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Squat Demonstration for Athletic Training

As we discussed in the flexibility article a few weeks ago, flexibility training is a very underutilized , yet critical part, of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Having the ability to move your muscles through a full range of motion will not only prevent injury, but will also increase your strength
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Video: Complete Burpee Workout

David MacDonald from FitBody BootCamp Calgary shows you how to do a complete body weight workout doing Burpee variations. And if you’ve ever been to FitBody, you know just how much David likes the Burpees!

Video: How To Use Furniture Moving Pads As Part of Your Workout

David from Vitality Fitness Calgary takes you through some upper and lower body exercises you can do anywhere using simple and cheap furniture mover pads. Reverse lunges, hamstring curls, pushup variation and pikes are covered. Exercises using Furniture Movers from Vitality Fitness Calgary on Vimeo.

New Interval Cardio Workout Video

Check out this simple and effective cardio workout routine that you can integrate into your day at work or home.

Video | Killer Core Workout

Gone are the days of endless sit-ups and crunches. Here are some effective and safe core training exercises you can implement into your routines to achieve great results.

Video | Full Body Workout

Need some inspiration or ideas for quick and easy workouts you can do at home or at work? Here’s the first of many videos I’ll be posting to help you out.