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Love Your #FitFam

Love Your #FitFam - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Classes Calgary

Ever since humans began to form thoughts, we formed collectives. These were groups and tribes that allowed us to survive and evolve through everything time could throw at us. It was that sense of community and relationships that has driven us so far. It makes sense that whenever we are working
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The Truth About Runner’s High

The Truth About Runner’s High - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

We’ve all heard about it, that magical feeling that we achieve once we’ve pushed ourselves to our limits at five o’clock in the morning while racing the sun to that final kilometer. It is a peaceful, powerful place of fitness legend that only the truly experienced can reach. Or is it?
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Build Your Brain While You Train!

Build Your Brain While You Train! - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamps Calgary

Most of us hit the gym because we want trim tummies or bulging biceps. But did you know that exercise causes more than just physical changes in your body, but hormonal and chemical ones as well? Here are just three of the incredible ways that working out improves your brain health:
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Sleep and Hormones

Today’s lifestyles tend to be filled with a mad rush of activity. We all have goals that we want to accomplish, we all have busy social lives, and we all have jobs that need to be done. It always seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.
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Lose Weight By Managing Stress

Stress. We all have it, we all know that it’s not a good thing. But sometimes life just keeps throwing stress at us. The immediate needs of the moment can overwhelm us and push us away from stress reduction techniques – we think “I can relax more tomorrow, after I’ve dealt
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New Mom, New Workout: Where to Begin

New Mom, New Workout: Where to Begin - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

So you’re about to, or you just have, given birth to a beautiful baby. Your body has already undergone many changes, and you may be thinking that it’s time to get yourself exercising. It doesn’t matter if you just want to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans, or you’re training for your
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Four Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp on Stretching

Four Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp on Stretching - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

There is a reason that stretching is a mandatory activity before and after a workout, but it’s not just for ramping up or cooling down! In fact, there are a plethora of benefits to regular stretching. We’ve compiled a list of our top four reasons to put in some stretching time
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Coming Back To Exercise After An Injury- 3 Things to Know

If you haven’t had an injury yet, consider yourself lucky. Many people who exercise and play sports find themselves having an injury at some point. Yes, you should treat your injury immediately. There’s even a handy acronym – RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Seek out appropriate professional help from a physiotherapist,
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Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp

Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Sometimes, even the most hardcore of us just don’t feel like going to the gym. Maybe we’re feeling lazy from a chill weekend, or strung-out from rough day at work. Getting to the gym seems to be the toughest decision, but here are a few reasons why you definitely should pull
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