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Should I do cardio for weight loss?

Doing cardio work gets overemphasized with weight loss . Whether you workout on your own, with a personal trainer, do a bootcamp, and whatever your fitness goals may be, cardio has its place. With weight loss being the focus, proper nutrition and a properly designed weight training plan need to your
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Hate Eating Vegetables? Do this instead….

We have all been told to eat our vegetables for better health, weight loss, and to nourish our body. But what if we don’t like vegetables? In fact, what if we despise eating them? Our Doctor’s orders can go in one ear and out the other, concerning our vegetable intake. We
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Why You Weigh More At Night

Weighing yourself to gauge personal progress has its benefits and drawbacks. Scale weight tells you very little in terms of “how” your body is changing. Questions that cannot be answered include: – How much body fat are you losing? How much muscle are you gaining? You can see zero change on
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What is Healthy Eating?

Vitality Fitness Calgary

Often times, our members will report to us they haven’t been able to see any results, even when they are exercising regularly and they are eating healthy. The first thing we always ask them about is their nutrition, and what … Often times, our members will report to us they haven’t
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Cravings: What Do They Mean and What Can You Do?


Whether it’s for chocolate or a burger, cravings are one of the biggest hurdles in maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet. But what do cravings actually mean and what can you do to curb them? Let’s see if

How to Choose a Protein Powder

Health Drink

This is one of the leading questions we hear at Vitality Fitness. Not only what brand of protein should someone use, but what type of protein. There are so many brands and different types of protein, so it is hard …