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The Difference Between Vitality Fitness and Gyms

The Difference Between Vitality Fitness and Gyms - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Program Calgary

Attending a more traditional gym can be great for those with the skills and experience to design their own workout plan. However, trying to design and execute your own fitness plan can be dangerous and unhealthy if you’re relatively inexperienced. At Vitality Fitness, we pride ourselves on being much more than
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The Importance of Sleep when you’re Trying to Lose Weight

The Importance of Sleep when you’re Trying to Lose Weight - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Classes Calgary

There are thousands of tips and tricks out there suggesting the newest, and best, way to lose weight fast. From changing up your diet to exploring a different workout regimen, there are ultimately many ways to go about shedding a few pounds. While diet and exercise are two crucial factors when
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Squat Demonstration for Athletic Training

As we discussed in the flexibility article a few weeks ago, flexibility training is a very underutilized , yet critical part, of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Having the ability to move your muscles through a full range of motion will not only prevent injury, but will also increase your strength
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How to Approach New Year’s Resolutions


The New Year is always an interesting time in our industry. You see it all. Whether it be new products, new systems, new methods, new advice,  or people writing on facebook about their goals and resolutions. Speaking of facebook, I saw an interesting post by a well known and respected trainer
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