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Vitality Fitness 50 Day Challenge

  • Up To 4 fitness bootcamps classes per week
  • Off Day Workouts
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Initial and Final Fitness Testing and Measurements
  • Healthy Recipe Guide
  • Only $179.95!

    Clients must be inactive for 90 days to join, this applies to both locations.

    Groups of 3-5 get an additional 10% off each if they join together.

    Groups of 6 or more get an additional 20% off each if they join together.

    Southwest Location

    Initial Weigh-In: September 29th from 1pm - 3pm
    Final Weigh In : November 17th from 1pm - 3pm

    Northwest Location

    Initial Weigh-In: September 29th from 12pm - 2pm
    Final Weigh-In: November 17th from 12pm - 2pm

    What is the 50 day challenge?

    The 50 day challenge is a 50 day body transformation challenge at our facility that allows clients the opportunity to be reinspired and remotivated again to reach their health and fitness goals.

    The goal of the challenge is to push our clients to reach goals they never thought were possible, whether that be better fitness and strength, enhanced energy levels, and/or weight loss. Secondly our hope is that the habits that clients develop and goals they achieve can be maintained long term after the challenge.

    What good is a body transformation challenge if you can’t maintain the results you have achieved after the fact?

    The 50 day challenge consists of 50 days where clients can workout at our facility in our classes where they will engage in intense, effective workouts consisting of strength training, interval cardio, and core work. They will also get at home workouts to complete too.

    Clients are also provided a nutrition plan to follow that is tailored towards their bodyweight and goals.

    Prior to the challenge, clients will come in for an orientation session to do fitness testing, get weighed in and measured, and set some goals to follow.

    *The 50 day Challenge is open to new clients and previous voucher clients who have NOT attended a class with us for 90 days or more. If you are currently attending and would like to do the Challenge, please speak with a staff member about membership options.

    Success Stories

    The links provided below overview three of our success stories who made huge changes physically, mentally, and emotionally during our last 50 day challenge.**Results may vary
    Christine + Andrew | Terri | Denis


    **Vitality Fitness clients have been known to achieve many different results. From weight loss, strength training, minor rehabilitation, inches lost and more. These results will vary on a case by case basis, as no two individuals are alike. There is no guarantee that you will have the same results, and no guarantee is implied. The photographs and testimonials on are of real clients who have been using Vitality Fitness for a varied duration of time. The 50 day challenge participants and members have been asked to provide their stories, their point of views, their successes and their struggles. Results will vary. Please consult your physician before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have not been active for a prolonged period of time. The success stories displayed on Vitality Fitness are of those who: have completed a 50 Day Challenge, are ongoing members, follow a nutrition plan, may supplement (vitamins), who track their results and work with Vitality Fitness for their weight loss and fitness goals. Results will vary based on the number of classes you attend, your health and adherence to the nutrition and workout plan customized uniquely to you. References to “losing inches” or “inches lost” refers to the total combined amount of inches lost throughout the entire body.

    What can our clients expect?

    In the challenge, clients should see noticeable increases in their energy levels, improved eating habits, health, fitness, strength, and vitality. During our workouts, our certified personal trainers will show you proper form and technique.

    It’s like having a 1 on 1 personal trainer but in a fun group setting! Our workouts are great for all fitness levels and abilities! It doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 40, or if you are 50 and even 60 years of age, we scale the workout to fit you and your needs! **Results may vary.

    Whats included?

    This year clients will receive the following for enrolling in the 50 day challenge:

    • Up To 4 fitness bootcamps classes per week
    • Off Day Workouts
    • Nutrition Plan
    • Initial and Final Fitness Testing and Measurements
    • Healthy Recipe Guide

    Class Schedule

    Client Testimonials

    "Through the support and encouragement of David, Cherlene and Tina I now believe in myself. My fitness goals grew and became reality... I am now within a healthy BMI, down over 35 pounds, multiple inches and four clothing sizes. "


    "The encouragement, support and personal attention that all of the staff at Vitality Fitness offer is amazing... My goal is to lose another 30 lbs by next summer and I have no doubt that I will be able to achieve this goal with the support of my new found friends and family at Vitality Fitness."

    Jon Kipling

    "I need to thank Dave and his entire team for every bit of support: nutrition advice, exercise form correction, the facility, and their genuine interest in caring about their clients in reaching whatever goals they set for themselves... You're all my bootcamp family!"

    Vitality's First 50-day Challenge Champ

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    Location: NW SW

    Southwest Location: Unit 4R
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