Why Going ALL IN When Changing Your Lifestyle May Not Be The Best Solution

Why Going ALL IN When Changing Your Lifestyle May Not Be The Best Solution - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Courses Calgary

Lifestyle has a huge impact on your overall fitness level. The types of activities in which you regularly partake for sport and foods you regularly enjoy consuming have a significant impact on your individual level of fitness.

If you’ve been struggling with unhealthy habits for some time, you may be thinking about making some positive lifestyle changes. Healthy habits go a long way towards helping you lose weight, gain muscle, and become more active.

At Vitality Fitness, we believe in the power of individualized workout plans because we recognize that no two individual’s needs are exactly the same. While you may benefit from changing a few important lifestyle habits, trying to do too much at once can actually have less than desirable effects.

Healthy living begins with healthy habits, but you need to be careful not to overtax yourself from the start. Small changes can be good changes, and they can set the foundation for the healthy lifestyle you desire. Let’s further examine why going ALL IN when changing your lifestyle may not be the best solution:

You Need a Plan That’ll Stick

Before you simply start making changes left and right, you need to make a concerted plan for success. Positive lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, and setting out on this adventure will be fruitless if you don’t have an idea of where you want to go, as well as how you’ll go about getting there.

When making your plan, you’ll benefit from being as specific as possible. If your goal is to exercise more frequently, for example, block out a specific time of day for a short, 30-40 minute walk. Write down your plan and post it somewhere that’ll be in view during your daily routine. This will give you a subtle reminder and help you subconsciously track your progress.  

Small Changes Are Better

Once you’ve identified the reasons behind your lifestyle changes, you need to break down your long-term goals into achievable short-term steps. If you’re always looking at that far off, long-term goal, it can feel as if you’re making little to no progress on a daily basis.

If you have a goal of losing thirty pounds in the next six months, for example, break that down into smaller goals of losing five pounds every month for the next half year. These goals are more easily measurable, and you’ll feel much more satisfied looking at your progress at the end of each month, rather than focusing solely on the fact that two months have gone by and you’re only a third of the way towards your final goal.

Focus On One Habit at a Time

Eliminating bad habits is a big part of permanently changing your lifestyle for the better. Unhealthy habits are hard to break, so don’t try to tackle all of them at once. Start by identifying the habits you’d like to break and then prioritize them based on your preference. Tackle just one at a time over small periods in order to keep from feeling overwhelmed. As you swap one unhealthy habit for a healthy behavior, check that one off your list and move onto the next.

Don’t Be Shy About Asking for Help

At Vitality Fitness, we are much more than a traditional gym. We strive to assist each one of our clients with their individual fitness needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our fitness courses, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 587-777-3378 today!

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