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So what about Crossfit?

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So one question we get from a lot of our Calgary bootcamp clients is, what is Crossfit and how does it differ from our bootcamp at Vitality Fitness?

Both are group training, yet they differ significantly.

Here are 3 ways in which Crossfit is different from our bootcamp at Vitality Fitness Calgary.


As many of you know our Calgary Bootcamp focuses heavily on form and technique with our clients. One of the main tenants of our program is we focus on giving our clients as much 1 on 1 time and attention as possible. Crossfit is more about providing an intense, group workout, and does not focus as much as technique and form. Once clients acquire the proper form, then they can focus on working through a greater range of motion and using more weight.






Individual needs.

At our Calgary Bootcamp we really focus on working within an individual’s fitness level, and around their injuries and limitations. We understand that everyone comes to us with a different background and level of experience.  We recognize that not everyone will be at the same fitness level at the start, so it’s important we know how to individualize and modify exercises for our clients. For example, we know everyone won’t be able to do a full body pushup right off the start. We will likely have to drop this down to their knees, to modify it.

What happens if they lack the upper body and core strength to do an actual pushup from their knees? The appropriate modification would be to put them on an incline bench from their knees. What happens if they cant do a pushup at all? Maybe they have an injured wrist or rotator cuff impingement. This would warrant a trainer to modify the exercise to possibly a dumbbell chest press, provided it doesn’t stress the affected joint.

As you can see from the above example, we all have modifications that need to be worked with to have a successful and safe workout. Most Cross fit sessions will not provide these regressions, which can lead to injury if the client isn’t working within their fitness level.

Click here for our Youtube series on pushup progressions, filmed in our Calgary Bootcamp.


Constant feedback.

Another thing we focus on at our Calgary bootcamp is giving as much 1 on 1 attention and feedback to our clients as possible, whether we have 15 or 24 participants in a session. While clients may acquire the proper technique with an exercise, they will likely need constant cuing and feedback to ensure they continue doing the exercise correctly and safely.

With most cross fit sessions, the main concept is pushing yourself as hard as you can to get the work out done as quickly as possible, regardless if technique breaks down. Constant feedback for each client whether it be verbally or 1 on1 is generally missing in this case. This is really important as clients will require this, as constant practice and reinforced feedback from a trainer will help enhance form.

While not all cross fit sessions reflect what I mentioned, the majority do. Where Cross fit does win is they have a group environment that promotes healthy competition, community, and physical activity and improving ones health, which are all great.

While cross fit might be a better fit for an advanced trainee, or individual who has a lot of body awareness, it certainly is not a good fit for the average man or woman who is just starting out or has been inactive for awhile.

This is how cross fit differs from our Calgary Bootcamp.

Stayed tuned for more blogs with helpful tips and information!

Always here to inspire and motivate you, David Macdonald and the Vitality Fitness Team.

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