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Delicious and Guilt-Free Summer Desserts

Delicious and Guilt-Free Summer Desserts - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Experts Calgary

Last week’s blog on healthy refreshing beverages may have quenched your thirst, but sometimes a sweet tooth is another story. Summer is a time to unwind, so here are some ways you can treat yourself without the stress of food guilt creeping in.

The Good Stuff

Much like a delicious drink, the right summer dessert should almost always include a balanced serving of fresh fruits. A good place to start is to choose a dessert format and fill it in with a mixture of fruits and even nuts and grains that will give you the vitamins, minerals, good carbs, protein, and fiber that you need. A parfait is a great example, using low-fat or nonfat yogurt as a base to get your calcium, protein, and especially beneficial bacteria. Layering this with a sprinkle of granola for minerals and fiber as well as berries for antioxidants can be a classic way to go.

The Bad Stuff

Unfortunately, there’s always a chance that some added sugar, saturated fat, or other unfriendly agents appear in the ingredients you’re seeking for your desserts. This tends to be the case with many forms of yogurt and granola. Pay close attention to your ingredients before buying and remember the importance of simple, natural sources. You may feel a craving for wheat-based items such as cake, cookies, brownies, and others. The first thing to remember is to avoid processed wheat, which lacks beneficial nutrients and can only offer you starchy carbs. Combining this with added sugar makes matter even worse. Instead, reach for whole wheat flour or even oat flour.

Your Reward System

Desserts can be a tricky subject in the realm of fitness, not only because some can take a toll on your balanced diet, but because they come with a certain degree of food guilt. This can be stressful for those trying to transform themselves by reprograming their habits and lifestyle choices. Rather than thinking of sweet treats as a scary threat to your fitness goals, seek out healthy alternatives and use their deliciousness as incentive for keeping up all that great work. Positive reinforcement pays off best when you have an encouraging reward system in place. Feeling good about yourself is priority one!

Staying fit during summer is all about healthy habits in both your body and your mind. Want to have a great time while working to look and feel better than ever? Call Vitality Fitness at (587) 777-3378 today!

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