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The Difference Between Vitality Fitness and Gyms

The Difference Between Vitality Fitness and Gyms - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Program Calgary

Attending a more traditional gym can be great for those with the skills and experience to design their own workout plan. However, trying to design and execute your own fitness plan can be dangerous and unhealthy if you’re relatively inexperienced.

At Vitality Fitness, we pride ourselves on being much more than a traditional gym. We know that taking a holistic approach to health and fitness is absolutely essential, and we try to embody that belief in everything we do.

It can be easy to get frustrated with a lack of results when your fitness program isn’t right for your body and lifestyle. If you’re tired of floundering in a more traditional gym setting, here are a few reasons why Vitality Fitness might be right for you:

Fitness Testing

Every new Vitality member begins by completing a thorough fitness test that gives you, and our staff, a comprehensive baseline to work from. Establishing this baseline is crucial for determining results down the line.

Without it, it would be very difficult to ascertain whether or not our fitness programs are being effective. Additionally, we administer monthly fitness assessments and measurements to help you track your progress.


When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, having a third party to keep you accountable can be incredibly beneficial. While we firmly believe in the power of positive encouragement, we also know that some people need to be pushed in different ways than others. By taking time to understand each individual’s personal fitness goals, we will help you stay on track towards achieving what you set out to accomplish.

Personalized Support

While most gyms will provide only the most basic support, at Vitality we strive to make real connections with each and every member. We know how important it is to feel excited about going to the place where you regularly workout. This is why we truly strive to make each and every one of our clients feel like family when they step into our gym.

Friendly, Encouraging Community

We all know how it feels to see that guy or girl across the gym that has the exact body you’re working towards, or who can lift the amount you’d like to be able to lift. It can be especially frustrating when those people act as if they’ve got it all figured out but won’t extend a helping hand to anyone else.

At Vitality Fitness, we have worked hard to create a friendly, encouraging community in which each and every one of our clients can feel comfortable. We know how much more productive your workouts can be when you don’t have to deal with the judgment that’s often associated with more traditional gyms.


We also have a number of health and fitness challenges that are designed to get those competitive juices flowing. While we know competition shouldn’t be the only reason you show up at the gym on a daily basis, we also believe these challenges are absolutely necessary when it comes to avoiding workout stagnation. If you’re interested in learning more about Vitality Fitness, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 587-777-3378 today!