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Fall Fitness: Getting Back on Track After Summer

Fall Fitness: Getting Back on Track After Summer - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors while staying fit, but sometimes it’s tempting to take a little vacation and indulge in your downtime. It’s understandable that you might be a little off track by now, so here’s how you can fall back into fitness!

Making a Comeback

You can always turn things around and put yourself on the right path again. The first thing that this requires is to take a look at where you started to lose your grip. Think back on what your exercise and eating habits were like when you felt most accomplished, and get yourself back to that state of mind. Set concrete goals and establish reliable ways to track and measure your success, like step counters and fitness apps for mobile devices. As soon as you acknowledge what missteps you made, know how to correct them, and regain determination, you’re on your way.

Your Exercise

With all that rest and relaxation, you should be more prepared than ever to hit the gym and get your exercise routine as focused and productive as it’s ever been. Positivity is important for self motivation, and if your vacation was truly restorative, this should be a piece of cake. However, it’s important not to overexert yourself. Keep in mind that with time away from working out, you’ll need to ease yourself back into things, devoting a little more time to stretching and other warm-up techniques so as to avoid injury or a total burnout. Start out with a pared-down version of your old routine and work your way up from there.

Your Diet

You’ll almost certainly hit a wall unless you complement that exercise with a return to those healthy eating habits you maintained so well before vacation. Get started on the right foot by making a list of healthy grocery items you need to stock up on. Make it a project and get yourself excited for a diet you can be proud of. Set concrete calorie goals, make a blacklist of foods to avoid, and even a list of foods to use as once-every-so-often incentives. Plan out a range of healthy recipes that you can have fun putting together, and get creative! The key, as always, is preparation, dedication, and enthusiasm!

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