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Fat Loss VS Weight Loss

Fat Loss VS Weight Loss - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Everyone has their reasons for joining bootcamp, but many of the people that come in to Vitality Fitness are especially focused on weight loss. Because there is so much attention on this aspect of fitness, we feel that it is important to dispel some of the misinformation floating around out there. Namely, what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

How to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a very simple concept. All that is required is that your calorie intake is less than your calorie output. For example, if your body burns 2,500 calories a day and you take in 2,000 calories, you will lose weight. Sounds easy right? Well, if you’re just focused on calories, you could be losing weight from muscles and even bone mass, not just from fat. Doing this will result in a smaller version of you but definitely not a healthier one! It’s important to know how to slim down safely while still preserving all the good stuff you’ve already got.

How to Lose Fat

  • Watch your water: Losing weight because you are dehydrated is a sure way that those pounds will come back. On top of this, your muscles depend on water to stay working at peak efficiency. So if you’re neglecting your water intake, you’re also neglecting your energy and strength. All in all, not a sustainable way to lose weight.
  • Gain muscle: If you want to keep your weight loss to fat loss, then add strength training to your fitness regimen. Muscle mass helps to keep weight off. You don’t need to bulk up if that’s not your goal, but regular strength training will keep your metabolism up and your fat down.
  • Don’t work backwards: Still think that you don’t mind losing muscle along with fat? Think again. The loss of muscle mass actually causes a rebound effect that leads to weight gain. The reason for this is that muscle is metabolically active, ensuring your metabolism is burning away at those calories. Any activity you do, even sitting, will burn more calories if you have a higher muscle mass.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, it’s always important to be informed and know how your workouts and nutrition are affecting your body. That’s why we always have highly trained staff to answer your questions on your way to achieving your goals.

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