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FitBody BootCamp Scheduling for the New Year

Hi everyone, just wanted to send some updates your way in regards to scheduling in the New Year.
All of the scheduling starting in the new year and moving forward will be done online, with our new online scheduling system. This will be  done  in order to serve you better and more effectively, and make the whole scheduling process run much smoother.
Those of you who are on memberships or who have made an early commitment to be on a membership will get first priority in the schedule.
Those of you who are on a 20 class pass from deal find, a 1 month unlimited pass from living social, or any other deal coupon will get 2nd priority in the scheduling. Whether you get your preferred times or not will be determined on a first come, first serve basis.

For those of you on a 20 class pass from Metabody you will continue to signup through the metabody website until your classes are complete or until you become one of our members, which in that case you would begin the scheduling process under our website.

In the event you wish to change your class times, in the case of an emergency or work related responsibilites, you will have to consult our online scheduling system to see if other times are open and if you can switch out of your scheduled time. This will be the policy for both members and also  non members who are on deal passes.

Starting in January, scheduling will not be dealt with via email. You must consult the online scheduling form/website that will be set up. If you contact  us via telephone, email, or in person in regards to scheduling, you will be automatically referred to our online signup form.

Lastly, their will be a slight change in regards to time availability for the New Year.
Our 715pm time slot on Friday evenings will be gone come January. A new 10am time slot on Saturday mornings will be added in. If we get the numbers for the Saturday time slot, we will keep this time slot, and will also consider adding in another time slot on Saturday mornings.