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Fitness Isn’t an Activity, It’s a Lifestyle

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Here at Calgary’s Fitness Boot Camp, we have often found that people lose lots of weight, get stronger, and generally become fit when they come to one important realization: that fitness isn’t an activity or project, but a lifestyle that you undertake.

Why does that make such a big difference? Because once you reach that conclusion, you realize a few other things, too:


First, that getting fit is usually the result of small changes over time. When people are first excited about getting into shape, they think that they’ll change all kinds of aspects of their life at once, getting up at four a.m. for protein shakes and pre-dawn runs, eating only salads for lunch, and practicing yoga before bed. The reality, though, is that most people need to make changes gradually – both for their body to adjust, and to make it easier to accept the new lifestyle mentally and adjust habits. So, recognize that it might take a little time, but that’s okay.

Second, that the fitness gains you accumulate build upon one another. Once you start to put those small changes to work, funny things begin to happen. For one, you might start to feel better, and have a little more energy. For another, you’ll find that you actually look forward to working out, and no longer crave many of the foods you did before. Many people say that the quality of their sleep improves, and that they feel more confident. The more good things you do to get fit, the better the rest of your life starts to get.

And finally, that being fit and healthy is lots of fun! There is nothing quite like seeing your clothes fit differently, finding new friends and activities you enjoy, and having the confidence to participate in outdoor activities and recreational sports. Getting into shape is lots of fun, and being in shape is even better!

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