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What to do When Your Fitness Plan Stalls

Fitness Concept

Fitness ConceptDid you start out January with the goal of getting fit, but find that you couldn’t keep your fitness and diet routine up long enough to get the results you’re hoping for? If so, don’t worry – you definitely aren’t alone. Studies show that most people don’t even make a real attempt to reach their New Year’s resolutions, and making serious lifestyle shifts can be difficult.

Besides, having your fitness plan stalled doesn’t mean that you can’t get it started again… or even accomplish more than you did those first couple weeks of January. Here’s how to get back on track:

Find the problem(s). A lot of times, what seem like motivation problems are really the result of a poor diet, not enough sleep, or simply choosing the wrong exercises. Figure out what it is about your fitness plan that isn’t working, and then you’ll know where to focus your energy.

Slow down the pace a bit. Lots of people start out January with huge goals, which is understandable. That can actually be de-motivating, though, if the standards you set for yourself are impossible to reach. Try slowing down a bit and making gradual changes in your life. The results will come less quickly, but they’ll be more consistent.

Make working out fun. If you aren’t enjoying your gym or workouts, then you’re never going to be able to stick with it. Choose to exercise somewhere like Vitality Fitness, where you can have a great time as you get in shape.

Bribe yourself. To really stay on track, don’t be afraid to give yourself motivators. For example, a weekend at the beach could be the perfect reward for losing 20 pounds, or you might allow yourself a two-hour shopping spree after a 5K.

Remember, getting fit is as much about your habits as it is anything else. Breaking the old ones can be difficult, but once you do, you find that it was well worth the effort!

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