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Fitness Routine Fallen Flat? Why You Should Celebrate Your Plateaus and How to Get Over Them.

Fitness Routine Fallen Flat? Why You Should Celebrate Your Plateaus and How to Get Over Them. - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamps Calgary

What is a fitness plateau?

A fitness plateau is what happens when your body has adapted to your routine and you stop seeing results. This manifests in different ways. For example, you stop losing weight, or your endurance seems to have hit a standstill. This can be unnerving, especially because everything seemed to be going so smoothly up until now. But don’t give up hope! This is the perfect time to celebrate how far you’ve come. It’s simply your body catching up to all the effort you have put in.

What can you do to overcome it?


  • Up the intensity: Use heavier weights or add on repetitions. Try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in your workouts. These will challenge your body and boost your metabolism.
  • Switch it up: Explore various forms of training that utilize different muscle groups. Sticking to one routine for long will condition your body so your workouts will be less effective.
  • Fuel to the fire: Are you getting all of the water, vitamins, protein, and essential fatty acids that you need? Take a look at your nutritional intake to see if maybe something is missing.
  • Re-examine your intake: On that note, have you started getting lax with your food and drink? Keep track of your food honestly; it’s possible that you have been giving yourself a little too much freedom when it comes to the munchies.
  • Maybe muscle: This is for those trying to lose weight. Have you ever considered that maybe you’re not in a plateau at all? You could have gained muscle! Keep measurements and a record of your body fat percentage so that you have a better idea of why you aren’t shedding those pounds.
  • Hit the hay: Getting up at the crack of dawn to workout is only effective if you are getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, any workout will not be as good if you are skimping on your visits to the Sandman. It can cause hormonal imbalance and slow down muscle recovery.


I’ve tried all of that, honestly! What now?

Because our bodies are so complicated and unique, there is no way that we could list every single reason that you may not be seeing the results you want. Talking to a fitness expert, like one of our staff at Vitality Fitness, could help point you in the right direction. Often self-reflection and a switch-up will help you over the hump, as long as you stay motivated. If you’re concerned that something more may be at play, then book an appointment with your doctor.

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on all the hard work you’ve put in up to this point. And remember that you are not alone! Everyone seeking a better life through fitness will experience a plateau at some point. That’s what Vitality Fitness is here for, to help give you motivation even when it’s not so easy anymore. If you’ve hit a plateau and you’re ready to switch up your routine, one of our bootcamps may be the perfect solution!