Having a Healthy Thanksgiving

Having a Healthy Thanksgiving - Vitality Fitness - Health and Fitness Calgary

This fall, you’re probably looking forward to getting together with family and enjoying a delicious day of Thanksgiving food. Whether it’s your diet or your exercise activity, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy this holiday guilt-free.

About All That Food…

Thanksgiving is a holiday packed with tasty traditional food as well as opportunities for out-of-the-box culinary thinking. What better occasion to get creative and substitute the unhealthy stuff for some beneficial nutrition? As always, know your ingredients. Does that store-bought cranberry sauce contain lots of added, refined sugar? Are you getting too many starchy carbs and saturated fat from that pumpkin pie? Seek out the versions of these treats that are light on the bad stuff but will still give you proper nutrients like protein, vitamins, whole grains, and others. Be sure to pay attention to those portions and don’t skip breakfast just to “save room.”

Physical Activity

Let’s say you’re good about balanced portions and have used the healthiest ingredients for those signature Thanksgiving items. Don’t forget that by feasting, you’re providing yourself with energy-charged proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that need to be used up with productive exercise. Leading up to the holiday, keep yourself well rested and start each day with stretches and cardio. Both before and after the big day, don’t get too caught up in all that holiday TV watching. Remain active, enjoy the outdoors, and stay hydrated. It’s important not to let the holiday throw you off course from your plan, those fitness goals aren’t going to accomplish themselves!

Stress Management

We shouldn’t kid ourselves, despite the rewarding experience that the holiday can offer, the days ahead of and immediately following Thanksgiving can be a bit stressful. Whether you’re planning a simple sit-down meal with your household or have invited extended family for a larger occasion, preparations are necessary and everyone needs to be kept happy. It’s very important not to let this go to your head. Stress can be one of the worst enemies that your fitness plan can face, taking a toll on your health as well as your sense of motivation. Take breaks, trust others to help you, and enjoy yourself!

Smart dietary choices and regular physical activity will get you far, but sometimes you need that extra edge. Vitality Fitness can help you reach your current fitness goals and strive for new ones. Call us at (587) 777-3378 today!



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