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Ideas for a Healthy Summer BBQ

Ideas for a Healthy Summer BBQ - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

It’s hard to imagine summer without a fun barbecue. Not only are there all kinds of great possibilities for food, but it’s also a perfect time to connect with friends and family. Here’s how you can get the most out of this tradition without working against your health.

Don’t Get Discouraged

You might think that healthy decisions will end up taking the fun out of that summer barbecue spirit. The truth is that good choices and a good time can always work hand-in-hand. Guidelines don’t necessarily mean a no-fun approach to summer, in fact quite the opposite! The more confident you feel and the better your energy and stamina, the better you will be able to enjoy summer activities of all kinds. If you can keep these barbecue tips in mind and combine them with great exercise habits, you’ll see just how fun a healthy summer can be.

Cooking and Preparation

There are quite a few considerations that can be made if you’re hosting or contributing to a barbecue. Keeping summer food choices healthy has a lot to do with how you cook or prepare them. For starters, sticking to the grill is a good way to go, rather than accompanying the main courses with too many fried items. Take a bit of time to know the calories, fat, and sodium content of the condiments and other preparation products you’re using. A tasty marinade can do a lot to decrease HCAs, the carcinogenic compounds that form when grilling meat. If you’re preparing chicken, don’t forget to remove the skin if you want to avoid all that extra saturated fat.


So what about choosing and moderating the foods you actually consume? Prioritize grilled veggies, salad items with light dressings, and meats with lean protein. Avoid loading up on starchy carbs and lean towards whole grain options if available. You can always contribute a healthy item to the event so that you and others have a beneficial snack to enjoy. As always, be mindful of your portions, as it can be tempting to overload. Once you’ve had time to digest, you can find use for all that energy with some fun physical activity in the sun!

If you want to make this season as healthy and happy as possible, Vitality Fitness can take your summer wellness to the next level. Give us a call at (587) 777-3378 and ask about our Boot Camp!

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