Importance of Adding Yoga to Your Workout Routine

Importance of Adding Yoga to Your Workout Routine - Vitality Fitness - Calgary Boot Camp

shutterstock_73811842_fitness10-20What does you workout routine look like? What type of exercises have you included to ensure the overall health of your body and mind?

Many motivated, fitness-driven individuals work very hard to look good and keep their bodies feeling good as well. Unfortunately, it can be easy to place an overemphasis on strength training or cardiovascular exercises.

While these are certainly important parts of your overall fitness program, it’s important for you to design a well-rounded routine that will help you improve your fitness level and maintain your desired body composition.

In order to do so, you need to make sure to include stretching or regular yoga training when planning your workout sessions. Yoga can have many benefits for your body and your mind and, yet, people continue to overlook it as an essential component of a well-rounded workout plan.

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of including regular yoga training in your workout plan:

Improves Mind-Muscle Control

Having good bodily awareness will ultimately help you to make you workouts much more effective because it will increase your ability to listen to your body and interpret what it actually needs. Yoga is a great way to increase that awareness.

Much of yoga focuses on the mind-body connection. If you practice yoga regularly, you’ll find some very good benefits that will transfer over to your other workout sessions. Ideally, you should see significant improvements in your balance, agility, and coordination.

Relieves Mental and Physical Stress

There are many different types of yoga you can do, but most will place some level of focus on deep breathing that is designed to put your body into a deeply relaxed state. Through this process, your muscles will begin to relax and release the tension they’ve been holding for an undetermined amount of time.

Stress can be a huge burden on your overall health, and many people enjoy the gentle movements and deep breathing of a yoga practice because of the effects they have at relieving tension and stress in the mind and body.

Helps You Become Aware Of Your Breathing

If you workout regularly, you should certainly be aware of how you’re breathing during your workouts. A lack of proper breathing techniques can actually result in workouts that cause more harm than good. Throughout your yoga practice, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining a slow and controlled breathing rate.

Over time, you’ll learn how to place your body in a relaxed state much faster my mastering the art of controlling your breath. As you move out of a yoga session into another form of workout, be sure to bring your new breathing techniques with you, as it is vital to helping you get the most out of your cardio or resistance training.

Increases Flexibility

Of course, aside from breathing and relaxation, yoga’s main focus is on concerted stretching to help you keep your body limber. Increasing the flexibility of your muscles and joints will ultimately help you improve the effectiveness of the other exercises in your program.

In addition, increased flexibility means that your body will be at a decreased risk of injury to muscles and ligaments as a result of your workouts. This is extremely important, as an injury can effectively wipe out all the progress you’ve made with your workout program to this point.

At Vitality Fitness, we hope you have found these benefits of adding your workout routine to be helpful motivation for you to think about adapting your workout program today!

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