The Importance of Incorporating Protein in your Diet

Protein is an integral part of any balanced diet. Although this has been taught in basic nutrition classes for years, many people still neglect sufficient protein intake for a number of questionable reasons. Fortunately for you, we’re here to reassure you about the importance of protein in your diet.

Even the Food Pyramid, which has now been replaced by a visual the USDA calls “MyPlate”, suggested a healthy dosage of protein in your daily diet. Lean protein, such as chicken, turkey, and fish are essential for the maintenance of good health.

Lean meats have a relatively small amount of dietary fat, and they have been found to improve healthy in a number of ways. Here are a few of the awesome benefits of incorporating a healthy amount of protein into your diet:

Promotes Weight Loss

An inclusion of lean meat in your diet can be one of the major factors leading to weight loss. Lean meats are typically made almost entirely of protein, and they are considered to be a relatively low-calorie food. Lean meats also contain almost zero fat, which generally contains more calories per gram than protein. Furthermore, your body actually burns calories when digesting lean protein, which helps to further promote weight loss.

Maintains Muscle Mass

Sufficient protein, along with proper strength training, is essential for maintaining muscle mass. When you add muscle mass, you also increase your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more calories and reduce the chances of you becoming overweight or developing other obesity-related illnesses. In this way, lean meats are great for helping you maintain your current weight or even meet your weight loss goals. 

Improves Balance

Consumption of adequate amounts of lean protein has also been linked to the prevention of serious falls resulting in injury. By consuming the proper amount of protein, your body will become more efficient at maintaining existing muscle mass, as well as promoting the growth of new mass. In general, more muscle mass means a greater ability to recover when you do lose your balance, which minimizes the likelihood of a serious injury occurring. 

Helps Healthy and Shiny Hair

Consuming lean protein can also be beneficial from a purely cosmetic standpoint. Eating sufficient amounts of lean protein has been found to aid in keeping your hair and nails healthy and shiny. If your body isn’t getting enough protein, your hair can begin to dry out and appear lifeless, making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Nails can also suffer from insufficient amounts of protein in your body, as they will begin to look thin and brittle, and they will also be more likely to break easily.

When designing a balanced diet, protein is always an essential staple that should be included. Without sufficient amounts of protein, your body won’t have the energy it needs to promote healthy growth of muscle mass. Once you’ve got your new diet sorted out, come get your strength training in with the excellent trainers at Vitality Fitness today!

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