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Importance of Not Letting Workout Habits get Stagnant

Importance of Not Letting Workout Habits get Stagnant - Vitality Fitness - Personal Trainer Calgary

Have you been feeling like you’re struggling to meet your workout goals? Is your regular fitness routine failing to deliver the results you’ve become accustomed to? If so, you may be a victim of workout stagnation.

Importance of Not Letting Workout Habits get Stagnant - Vitality Fitness - Personal Trainer Calgary

Sticking to a specific exercise routine for too long will ultimately render your routine ineffective. Over time, your body will become used to your routine and while you’ll “stay in shape,” you won’t be making any realistic progress.

At Vitality Fitness, we design a number of workout classes that will help you stay away from workout stagnation. If you think your current routine is all you need to be doing, here are a few reasons to avoid getting stagnant in your workout habits: 

Creates a Plateau

As mentioned earlier, sticking to a very narrow fitness routine ultimately leads to a workout plateau. At some point you won’t be able to make physical progress if you aren’t willing to try a new workout routine once in a while. Unfortunately, reaching a plateau might not even be noticeable if you’re not paying close attention to how your body is responding to your exercise routine. 

Hinders Weight Loss

Because your body will begin to get accustomed to your workout routine, you might begin to notice that you’re having difficulty maintaining your ideal weight if you haven’t also altered your eating habits. A routine that helps you lose ten or fifteen pounds in the first month may not be quite as effective in month two. 

Increases Injury Risk

If you’re like most people, your fitness routine might not be as well rounded as it should be. If you’ve been focusing on only a few specific muscle groups for too long, it’s very probable that you’re neglecting other vital areas.

Staying fit and healthy requires a comprehensive, balanced approach that considers every muscle, joint, and ligament in your body. Neglecting to maintain strength in vital areas can significantly increase your risk of injury when you do finally switch up your routine. 

Causes Workout Anxiety

Becoming stagnant with your workout can eventually become flat-out boring. If your goal is to keep yourself healthy and happy, you need to change things up once in a while depending on your ever-changing preferences.

If you feel like you must stick to the boring workout regimen you’ve been repeating for months, this can lead to significant anxiety. When you don’t really feel like exercising, but you know it’s something you need to do, it’s easy to feel that unnecessary pressure.

At Vitality Fitness, our goal is to help our clients find unique and productive ways to stay in shape. If you want to switch up your routine and try something new this summer, give us a call at 1-587-777-3378 to learn more about the array of fitness classes we offer today!

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