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Keeping Active in the Winter

Keeping Active in the Winter - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

The biting cold of an Albertan winter is upon us once again. With the snow and frigid wind chill come a much more sedentary lifestyle; the most arduous tasks this time of year seem to be shoveling snow and finding a good blanket to Netflix and chill. It can be easy to neglect your fitness routine. The shorter days can leave us feeling tired and unmotivated. So here are some simple tips to keep your muscles moving over the cold months:


You don’t have to face the elements every time you want to be active. Sometimes it’s nice to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry. Here are a few activities that are fun and accessible for those who want to forget about the snow:

  • Go for a walk. Head to Chinook Centre and get in your steps there! Not only can you do some fantastic window shopping, but it will get your legs moving.
  • Strength train. No weights? No problem. We’ve all got canned food stashed away in the back of the cupboard. Put those cans to good use and use them as weights while you’re watching tv.
  • Join a gym or bootcamp. Not only will this keep you accountable, it’s a way to look forward to your workouts and keep your fitness goals on track. There’s something about communal sweating that brings people together.  


As much as we love to hate winter, it’s what we Calgarians are known for! The city is full of adventures in these cold months. Taking advantage of this means more time to socialize and see the sun, both things that are incredibly important when it comes to motivation and a healthy state-of-mind. So strap on a pair of warm winter boots and your coziest toque; it’s time to get outside.

  • Go for a walk. Check out your neighbourhood’s holiday displays while you’re touring around the block. Bring the dog, too; even Rover needs exercise!
  • Head to the mountains. Here in Calgary, we are so lucky that the Rockies are practically on our doorstep. Go explore and adventure! Make a day of it.
  • Start a winter hobby. If you’re feeling bold, start something new! From cross-country skiing to skating or snowshoeing, there’s an activity for everyone and every budget. Who knows, you might actually look forward to winter next year!

Don’t let the couch be in control this winter; try out some of these activities and find what works best for you. Or better yet, try out a combination! Remember, one of the best ways to keep warm is to keep moving!