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Love Your #FitFam

Love Your #FitFam - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Classes Calgary

Ever since humans began to form thoughts, we formed collectives. These were groups and tribes that allowed us to survive and evolve through everything time could throw at us. It was that sense of community and relationships that has driven us so far. It makes sense that whenever we are working at something, whether that is our fitness or our family or anything we are passionate about, community is what helps us to succeed.


That’s why we at Vitality Fitness believe so much in the collective that is our studio. Working out alone can be done for sure! But there is something to be said about fostering a community of like-minded people. We have put together just a few of the reasons that group workouts are good for your body and your soul.

Increase Your Chance of Success

Not only do you get someone to talk to while you are working out and pushing your own limits, you ultimately get support, motivation, and positive reinforcement. Who doesn’t want a teammate and cheerleader alongside them? Once someone is beside you, encouraging you to do one more rep, you can bet you’re probably going to do it. Even that little push is going to make you that much more likely to reach your goals in the long run.


This is a huge asset for many people in the fitness community. Now you’re not just doing this for yourself; you’ve extended your goals to include a group of like-minded people. You may not want to sleep in and skip that workout anymore, knowing that your fitness family will be excited to see you there. On top of this, being in a community where the main focus is fitness normalizes effective healthy behaviour, effectively turning your sessions into positive habits.

Safety Net

Solo workouts can be tough, both psychologically and physically. You may not push yourself hard enough, or you could push yourself too hard. Having someone else there will help to keep you in check so that you can reach your maximum potential while remaining safe. A good example of this is lifting weights without a spotter. Having other people around can keep you safe and driven.

We all know how good it feels to be a part of a community, and that’s what we promote here at Vitality Fitness. If you’re ready to be surrounded by support in reaching your fitness goals, sign up for one of our boot camp classes. We are all in this together!