Modern Fitness Myths

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If you’ve spent any time discussing your fitness regimen at a gym or perusing various fitness blogs online for information then you’re probably aware of the many misguided fitness myths that are flying around out there.

When it comes to our own health and wellness, sometimes it’s necessary to challenge preconceived notions that we’ve held for a long time. Many myths about fitness can actually limit your progress, and that’s ultimately something that nobody enjoys.

At Vitality Fitness, we are committed to helping our customers promote personal health in a variety of ways. In this light we’ve compiled a list of a few important modern fitness myths that you should avoid: 

Myth #1: Hard Work Pays

But you’ve heard that hard work does pay off so many times! How can this be true? Of course it takes work to get in shape and stay in shape, but the work itself isn’t always the most important factor. Many people make the mistake of thinking that they simply need to put in extra effort and sweat more to get the results they’re looking for.

Realistically, you need to also make sure that the exercise you’re doing is benefiting you in the ways you’re hoping for. Work without knowledge of its’ purpose will make you more closely resemble a bull in a china shop than a healthy, happy person that has control of their fitness routine. 

Myth #2: Diet is 90% of your Success

Of course what you’re using to fuel your body is going to affect your ability to maximize your workout plan. However, a targeted diet is far from the only think that it takes to be in great shape. Fitness requires a holistic approach.

You must consider the full realm of effective training, healthy lifestyle habits, an adequate amount of sleep, plenty of recovery time, and attention to a host of mental and emotional characteristics. When all is said and done, your diet is just one small part of the larger plan you should make for your overall health. 

Myth #3: Functional Training

First and foremost, ALL training and exercise is functional. To take it to the extreme, even sitting down and plugging into a machine that works only your thumbs and forefingers is still a functional activity in its’ own regard.

When it comes to your training regimen, functional exercises are really all that your body knows. Everything from yoga to bodybuilding falls into the false category of “functional exercise.” The key for you is to identify what type of functions you need from your body and design a functional regimen to facilitate the development of the functional muscles you want. 

Myth #4: You Need Support from an Experienced Coach or Trainer to Succeed

While having a workout buddy or team can help if you have trouble staying motivated, fitness is ultimately much simpler than most of us would like to admit. Your success or failure will ultimately depend on the choices you make, as well as your personal level of intrinsic motivation.

If you’re looking for someone to give you advice on designing a workout plan specifically for your individual needs, don’t hesitate to give the team at Vitality Fitness a call at 1-587-777-3378 today!



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