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Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp

Motivation: To Bootcamp or Not To Bootcamp - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Sometimes, even the most hardcore of us just don’t feel like going to the gym. Maybe we’re feeling lazy from a chill weekend, or strung-out from rough day at work. Getting to the gym seems to be the toughest decision, but here are a few reasons why you definitely should pull yourself off of the couch:

Hangover cure.

Now this isn’t exactly like doing a hair-of-the-dog, but the concept is similar. You’ll get your endorphins pumping and your blood flowing, which will help you feel much better. On top of this, working out has been shown to repair physical damage from moderate drinking. So don’t use your hangover as an excuse not to work out, in fact, you should be hitting the gym even harder!

Avoid the snacks.

On a practical level, if you’re working out and sweating up a storm, you probably aren’t reaching for that bag of chips. Your body will be focused on your workout, giving you a break from snacks for two reasons. One, your mindset will be healthy so it’s less likely you’ll want to make an unhealthy choice. And two, you will be distracted from factors that may make you stress-eat, or bored-munch.

Make it to 66.

According to a recent study at University College London, it takes sixty six days to form a habit. That’s a little more than two months. If you are able to push yourself to maintain your fitness routine for sixty six days, then not only will you feel great, but your body will start to adjust and it won’t be a constant struggle to go. We won’t promise that you won’t have “off” days here and there after that point, but having formed that habit and being able to physically see your progress will be a great motivator!

So there you have it, three great reasons to get up, get out, and work out, even if you’re not feeling it. Not only that, but every workout at Vitality Fitness is fun and engaging! Once you pull yourself off the couch and make the drive out to bootcamp, we promise that you won’t regret it.

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