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New Online Scheduling System Now Available

Hi there all fit body members! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to get back into your fitness routine for the new year.

The online scheduling system is now up and ready to go. The process is very straight forward and extremely user friendly.
All scheduling moving forward will take place with our online booking system.

Click here to check out it and book now.

If you wish to change class times, please consult our online scheduling system to view availability. We will not be manually putting people into the schedule via email.

If you can, I would recommend booking as far in advance as possible. All of January is now available for you to register if you wish to go that route.

If you can only book week to week than do so. We will do our best to ensure you get into all of your preferred times.

As members, you will have access to view availability for future months at any time. The goal is to post availability 3 months in advance…so you can book times 3 months in advance if need be. Non-members need to wait until the 26th of each month, to see the next months schedule… and can only book 1 month in advance at the most.

Lastly, when registering be sure to choose the right package. For all of you this will be “Vitality Members”.