New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness

New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Courses Calgary

Whether you treated yourself to Christmas cookies and a large feast or you fell behind on your exercise routine, the beginning of a new year often requires a little health and fitness catch-up to get back on track. Allow us to suggest a few resolutions that will give you the right idea!

How’s Your Exercise?

The further you go through your fitness plan, the more changes you can make to maintain progress, challenge yourself, and stay engaged. Now is the perfect chance to outline some specific upgrades or changes so that you can decide what kind of physical activity to utilize and how. One helpful resolution is to avoid relying too much on cardio and start trying out different forms of strength training to maintain some balance. A more general goal that you could commit to is an increase in the frequency or lengths of your workouts. Just make sure you stretch, hydrate, and stay safe!

You Are What You Eat

We can’t blame anyone for getting a little carried away with big portions and sugar-filled treats during the holidays. After all, the stress of food guilt isn’t particularly good for your health either. So let’s set some new year’s dieting resolutions. For instance, if you’ve usually allowed yourself the occasional indulgence of your favourite dessert, why not commit to replacing some of the ingredients with healthy alternatives? In addition, you could resolve to eliminate some foods altogether and seek out stuff with helpful vitamins, minerals, grains, and other essentials. You could even tie this into your new exercise approach by using healthy foods to refuel after your workouts.

Smart Self-Assessment

How you track your progress is the main factor that ties all your habits together to define success. Many people manage to get into the swing of an exercise routine and generally make healthy dietary choices, but aren’t quite aware of how effective their decisions are. Make it a resolution to avoid relying on a scale too much and instead use things like clothing sizes to gauge your success. After all, setting goals is half of the battle, the rest is paying close attention to the path that leads you to them!

If you’re planning on having your healthiest year yet, the Vitality Fitness team is here as always to help make that plan a reality. There’s no better time to try new things, like our fun and challenging Boot Camp courses! Call us at (587) 777-3378 to learn more.



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