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Popular Cardio Myths

Popular Cardio Myths - Vitality Fitness - Healthy Lifestyle Calgary

Popular Cardio Myths - Vitality Fitness - Healthy Lifestyle CalgaryIf you ask around, you’ll find many differing opinions about what type of cardio is best and just how much cardio is good for you. If you’re trying to lose weight, the length of time you should be doing cardio exercise will be much different than the prescribed amount of cardio for someone looking to bulk up.

When thinking about what type of diet or exercise you should be doing, it’s extremely important to listen to your body and understand your unique physical nature. This will help you identify exercises and diet choices that will foster a healthy, happy lifestyle.

If health and fitness are important to you, it’s essential to know how your body will react to different exercises. If you think you know all there is to know about cardio, consider these popular cardio myths:

“Steady-State Cardio is Best for Burning Fat” 

Sticking to easier cardio workouts will certainly allow you to exercise for longer and, thus, burn more calories. However, it is what happens after a steady-state cardio workout that is significant. When you do high intensity interval training your body will actually continue to expend a greater number of calories throughout the day, in an effort to repair itself. When compared side-by-side, higher intensity cardio actually results in more overall calories burned. 

“Doing More Cardio Allows you to Eat More”

While we all wish that doing more cardio translated to the ability to eat more, this is unfortunately not the case. The notion that you can simply burn off the calories from that double cheeseburger at the gym later is simply false. If you operate under this belief, you will most likely end up overtraining by doing too much cardio and risking injury. 

“Wearing Weights Helps Burn More Fat” 

Many people think that they will burn significantly more fat during their cardio workouts by strapping on a pair of two-pound ankle weights. In fact, weights will significantly impact your calorie burn negatively, throw off your balance, and put you at an increased risk of injury. If you want to burn additional fat during your workouts, you should start by increasing the intensity of your cardio workouts, rather than going for those weights.

“Do The Same Cardio Daily if you want to See Progress” 

If you perform the same movements every day, your body will adapt over time and those movements will become less effective. In other words, your body becomes more efficient and you’ll have to find new types of cardio to kick your body into fat-burning mode. You don’t want to slow down your calorie burn and risk reaching the feared “plateau.”

“With only 10 Minutes to Spare, it’s not Worth it” 

Any time spent exercising is positive! Even if it’s only ten minutes! When it comes to burning calories, every action you do throughout the day contributes. If you’ve only got ten minutes to work out, you might as well utilize that time rather than using “lack of time” as an excuse.

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