Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth and Your Lifestyle

Satisfy Your Sweet-Tooth and Your Lifestyle - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

You find yourself staring longingly in the window of bakeries, you linger at the dessert table at the end of the buffet line, you daydream about the next episode of Sugar Showdown during your run on the treadmill. You’ve got a sweet-tooth that seems to be interfering with your fitness journey. Here at Vitality Fitness, we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice delicious foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about switching it up. Here are a few ways that you can stick to your meal plan and satisfy your sweet-tooth:

Opt for high quality over high sugar.

One of the main reasons we over-sweeten our desserts is because the other ingredients are not flavorful, and we are absentmindedly making up for it. Many recipes call for much more sugar than is necessary. One way to avoid this is to pay a little extra for high-quality products, like premium chocolate and pure vanilla extract. You will be getting more of what you are craving, in less of a portion. That may deter you from overeating.

Substitute for healthy.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste and texture in order to have a healthy dessert. There are many fat-alternatives that will get your mouth watering. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these fruit and veggie substitutes:


  • Canned pumpkin or sweet potato puree. Full of immune boosting vitamins A and C.
  • Prunes or dates. Great sources of iron and fiber.
  • Applesauce. One cup of applesauce equals three grams of fiber.


Slim down ingredients.

Use less ingredients than you normally would. For example, if you are using a sugar substitute such as agave, you will not need to use as much. Agave is much sweeter and you will only need a small amount in order to pack a big punch. If you have a recipe that calls for eggs, skip the egg yolks and just throw in the whites. You’ll be skipping about six grams of fat.

Use these three tips as a springboard for your own healthy creations! Want more tips and tricks to keep your sweet-tooth satisfied? At Vitality Fitness we also offer nutrition coaching to keep you on track with your goals.

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