Why the Scale Shouldn’t Be your #1 Focus

Why the Scale Shouldn’t Be your #1 Focus - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Classes Calgary

Do you step on your scale to check in with yourself on a daily basis? Are you overly concerned about that number you’re seeing on the scale every evening? If so, you should know that there are many reasons why an obsessive focus on your scale can be quite unhealthy.

Why the Scale Shouldn’t Be your #1 Focus - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Classes Calgary

At Vitality Fitness, we strive to promote overall fitness, rather than simply encouraging people to workout until they drop. Overall health has much more to it than one triple-digit number on the scale at home or in your gym.

Fostering optimal health requires paying attention to a number of factors outside of how much you weigh. If you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with your scale, here are a few important reasons why your scale shouldn’t be your #1 focus:

Weight Can Fluctuate Wildly

While it can be beneficial to keep track of weight loss as just one aspect of your program to promote overall health, weight loss alone can be misleading when it comes to your health. Your weight on a scale can fluctuate wildly. Even in the course of a single day, your weight may vary by as much as five pounds.

Weight Isn’t Indicative of Overall Health

When it really comes down to it, the number you read on the scale everyday has nothing to do with your overall health. Getting overly excited about gaining or losing five pounds fails to recognize how your relationship with food, hormone levels, digestive health, and inflammatory status all play a larger role in your overall health.

The Scale Can Make you Blind to Actual Results

Getting caught up in the number readings on your scale can cause you to miss more tangible results that are actually indicative of your health. You might be sleeping better, have more energy, and become less moody, but your obsession with your scale keeps you from realizing that these positive changes are occurring. Be careful not to deem your workout regimen a success or failure based solely on the number you read on the scale every morning.

Scale Makes you Focus Too Much on Food

Because most of us associate our weight directly to our caloric intake, too much focus on your scale can lead to you placing too much emphasis on food. While how much food you put in your body certainly affects your weight, and your health, exercise also plays an important role. Other factors, such as sleep, recovery time, psychological stress, and health history also significantly impact your overall body composition.

You Give the Scale Control of your Self-Esteem

Getting overly wrapped up in feelings of accomplishment or disappointment simply based on your daily scale readings is, in effect, giving control of your personal self-esteem over to a small piece of human machinery. When thinking about your overall health, no “number” should be able to determine your self-worth.

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