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How Short-Term Fitness Challenges Can Lead to Lasting Lifestyle Changes

How Short-Term Fitness Challenges Can Lead to Lasting Lifestyle Changes -Vitality Fitness Calgary

How Short-Term Fitness Challenges Can Lead to Lasting Lifestyle Changes -Vitality Fitness CalgaryWhen you’re starting a new workout routine or fitness regimen, there will undoubtedly be many challenges and hurdles that you have to overcome. You shouldn’t let these challenges beat you back from accomplishing what you’re capable of.

Every individual will have his or her own demons to face when it comes to adopting a new fitness routine. No two individuals will react to a specific exercise regime or new diet in the same way. This is important for you to remember because your journey is unique and the results you achieve will also be unique to you as well.

While there are many highly revered and widely used fitness routines out there today, such as CrossFit, it’s important to understand that these programs will work differently for you than they will work for your friend, your brother, or your co-worker.

Different Person, Different Results

You shouldn’t expect to see the exact same results that someone else claims to have seen with a given workout routine. Your results will depend on your level of effort and commitment, as well as your individual body type.

Of course, when it comes to getting healthy and staying fit, any routine is better than no routine at all. Any type of functional training and movements can help you get back into shape or maintain your already impressive physical state.

Unfortunately, too many fitness challenges today are focused on a single exercise that is designed to have positive effects, but can actually cause you to neglect other important aspects of your overall body fitness and health.

For example, the “Squat Challenge” can be incredibly effective at toning and lifting your gluteus. That being said, it takes more than simply doing squats to see aggressive changes in your body. Watching what you eat and doing additional exercises outside of the ‘challenge’ itself are essential to fostering your overall health.

In addition, genetics can play a huge role in whether or not certain fitness challenges will be helpful for you to remake or reshape your body. Depending on your individual goals for exercising and getting back in shape, a single-exercise focused routine may or may not be the best method for you to achieve your goals.

If your goal is simply to lose weight, for example, you’ll need to increase the amount of lean muscle on your body so that your metabolism improves and allows you to lose unhealthy fat. Doing the “Squat Challenge” is not a great way to lose weight, as it helps to build muscle mass, rather than placing more of a focus on cultivating lean muscle.

Fostering Lasting, Healthy Change

Rather than focusing on specific fitness “challenges,” we suggest that maintaining a healthy body and mind is more about cultivating a healthier lifestyle overall. Instead of focusing on making one change, such as doing daily squats or drinking more water, you should take some time to think about the bigger picture.

A healthy lifestyle and healthier body can simply be a matter of sitting less, moving around more, becoming more mindful of your daily health habits, and improving your nutrition. The underlying trick to adopting a healthy workout routine is to make a long-term plan for success that will work for your body and your individual lifestyle.

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