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How To Stay On Track During The Holidays

How To Stay On Track During The Holidays - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

How To Stay On Track During The Holidays - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp CalgaryThe holidays can be one of the most difficult times to stay faithful to your workout program. Distractions are abundant, and overindulging in food, alcohol, or sweets can be a significant setback. However, there’s no need to beat yourself up if you do succumb to the temptation from time to time.

Your main goal should simply be to stay active during the holidays. When you have family and friends visiting, there can be a tendency to sit around, talking about various topics, and consuming alcoholic beverage after alcoholic beverage.

If you’re worried about falling off track this holiday season, these suggestions are designed to help you keep yourself on schedule:

Expect To Stay On Your Plan 

Your expectations can go a long way towards your ability manifest the reality you desire. Your first mistake is failing to plan for the increase time constraints of the holiday season. Your second mistake is subconsciously planning to fail over the holidays. Expecting to stay on your workout plan and regulate your consumption of food and alcohol can help you stay right on track during the holidays. 

Plan Workouts in Advance

With friends and family visiting over the holidays, or even if you have travel plans of your own, time can be restricted relatively easily. Responsibilities to cook, clean, and entertain can take away from the time you normally have to take care of your body. Thinking ahead and scheduling your workouts can help you get your routine going during the winter months. 

Set Ambitious Training Goals 

Don’t fall into the procrastinating mistake of waiting until the holidays are over to set your fitness goals for the New Year. Thinking ahead and putting concrete goals on paper before the holidays can help you achieve what you desire. Studies on personal achievement have actually shown that most people will achieve about 80% of the goals that they actually write down on paper. 

Schedule in “Free Meals” 

If you’re traveling or attending a family holiday gathering this year, it might prove difficult to stay on your nutrition plan. While you can do your best to stay with your routine diet, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re overly strict all the time, you will start to set yourself up for cravings that can eventually give way to binge eating. 

If You Fall Off, Get Right Back On 

Did one Christmas cookie give way to five, ten, or fifteen? Are you overcome with feelings of failure? Well, get rid of those feelings! The holidays are a time to enjoy yourself and the people around you. Don’t let guilt immobilize you when it can be as simply as getting right back on the horse after you’ve fallen off. 

Manage Portion Sizes 

While Americans have a tendency to overeat in general, the holidays can only exacerbate this tendency. You might have to exercise a considerable amount of self-control, but controlling your portion sizes will help you stay on track with your fitness goals while not completely restricting what you can eat during the holidays.

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