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Staying Healthy When You’re Busy

Staying Healthy When You’re Busy - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Goals Calgary

Staying Healthy When You’re Busy - Vitality Fitness - Fitness Goals CalgaryLife certainly becomes hectic from time to time, especially around the holidays. Now that we’ve celebrated the beginning of a New Year, it might be time to start thinking about your health and fitness goals again. Don’t feel bad about struggling to stay health when you’re busy! You’re certainly not alone!

If your busy schedule keeps you from exercising and eating healthy, here are a few tips that are designed to help:

Meal Plan and Prep 

Planning your meals ahead of time and prepping or bulk cooking on the weekends are just a few great ways to make sure you’re eating healthy, even when you don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen every night. Keeping a stash of Tupperware leftovers around is great for taking healthy meals to work, or sending them to school with your kids. Don’t be afraid to become very familiar with your crockpot! 

Mix it Up 

If you’re locked into a morning breakfast routine that might not be the healthiest choice, you should consider changing things up with a smoothie or shake in the morning. It doesn’t take long to throw raw kale, spinach, berries, protein powder, and a little water in your blender. Smoothies take less time to make, require less clean up, and are just as filling and healthy as many traditional breakfast staples. 

Limit Alcohol Consumption 

When you’re extremely busy, you’re much more susceptible to stress, and when we get stressed we often reach for a substance as a stress reliever. Alcohol is one of the most common stress relievers and people turn to it because it’s often the easiest thing available for comfort besides food. Regular alcohol consumption will lead to a constant brain fog, lethargy, and forgetfulness, none of which are very helpful in any situation. 

Schedule Exercise Time

It’s extremely important that you set aside time for regular exercise. If you simply think you’ll exercise whenever you have free time, you’ll usually make up excuses for why you don’t have any! No matter how much you enjoy working out it is always one of the first things to fall by the wayside if you don’t make it a high priority. 

Find a Mentor or Coach 

In whatever endeavor sparks our passion, it is always helpful to have an unbiased person as a guide. When you’re crazy busy and exceptionally stressed, this mentor becomes even more valuable. While you don’t necessarily have to pay to share your thoughts, feeling, and concerns with a certified professional, you’ll find significant benefits in sharing your stresses with a close confidant on a regular basis. 

Evaluate Extracurricular Activities

If you’re busy and over-stressed, you might be stretching yourself too thin. No matter how much you want to be, you can’t be everything to everyone at all times. If you don’t pick your battles wisely, you risk wearing yourself out, adding unnecessary stress to your life, and taking away from time that you could be spending with friends and family.

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