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Staying Safe While Getting Fit

Staying Safe While Getting Fit - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Sometimes pushing yourself and testing your limits is an important part of achieving those hard-to-get goals. However, there are moments when pushing yourself too hard and forgetting to take the right precautions can set you back. Here’s how to avoid those exercise mishaps.

Pacing Yourself

A lot of exercise is all about paying close attention to how much energy or strain you exert over time. About five to fifteen minutes of steady, easy aerobic activity will gradually bring your heart rate up and raise the overall temperature of your body, not to mention get your blood flowing to all your muscles. A warm, well circulated body means that tissues like muscle and tendon can get into motion with less tearing and other problems. If you’re doing some strength training, don’t overestimate yourself! Start light and challenge yourself in small increments as you go along.

The Importance of Stretching

If the tissues in your body aren’t prepared for all the extending and contracting they’re about to do, they’re far more likely to be damaged, landing you with an injury. Stretching is essential not only before a workout, but also after. Whether you’re going for a run or you’re tackling a boot camp session, all of the tissues in your body that have been most active during the exercise need to reform themselves into their resting state, something that won’t happen as smoothly if you fail to stretch. You’ll end up with a lot more soreness afterward, and no one wants that.

Hydration and Diet

Maintaining steady consumption of water throughout your exercise is critical if you want to make progress and avoid dangerous circumstances, especially when you’re in hot weather and are perspiring more than usual. As for food, always provide yourself with the right fuel at the right time. Whole grain carbs and protein are your best friends when it comes to fueling up for a workout and refueling after. Just bear in mind your timing, as you should avoid large portions if you’re planning on exercising less than a couple hours after the meal. Stay safe, be smart, and you’ll keep your fitness plan effective and fun!

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