Strength Training vs. Cardio

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There are many paths out there to achieving your fitness goals. Weight training and cardio are often compared and contrasted by those putting together an exercise plan, as they can each offer you their own distinct advantages. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Why Cardio?

We can think of cardio as exercise activities which require a particularly involved intake of oxygen. While many strength training exercises can get you breathing heavily, cardio typically involves more intensive respiration and blood flow due to rapid, repetitive movement. Cardio can be expressed in a wide range of activities to suit any lifestyle or circumstance, from cycling to water aerobics. Your body will see a number of benefits including better circulation, stamina, and overall energy, a stronger immune system, and improved health for muscle and other tissues. The main idea is that these forms of exercise significantly optimize the operation of your lungs, heart, and related systems.

Why Strength Training?

These activities rely predominantly on the combined effects of gravity, resistance, and contraction, ultimately to build and strengthen muscle tissue. Weight lifting and push-ups are two of the most common examples. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that assumptions about strength training as merely a way to tone yourself into a more muscular frame are inaccurate. Strength training is great for improving the efficiency at which you burn calories, as a higher volume of lean muscle tissue means more calories burnt. Combine this with its ability to boost metabolism and you’ve got a range of exercises that are often more effective for weight loss than cardio.

Knowing What You Need

Because they each focus on different systems of the body, these two types of activity can complement one another perfectly when combined in a balanced way. Generally speaking, it’s wise to use cardio as a way of supplementing your strength training rather than the other way around. Too much repetitive strain due to cardio without adequate resistance-based exercise can lead to problems with muscle and joint tissues later on down the road. Combine the two in just the right way and you’ve got a truly effective approach to fitness!

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