Summer Vacation Fitness Tips

Summer Vacation Fitness Tips - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Summer is a great time to enjoy exercise outdoors, especially when on vacation. With factors such as heat or changing locations due to a trip, this can introduce a few important considerations to your fitness plan.

Temperature and Hydration

As the temperature rises, your body works harder, and you lose a lot more water through perspiration. Staying hydrated is always priority one. On a summer trip, take into account the local climate. If you’re in a particularly hot place, be a bit more cautious than you are at home. If your destination is near large bodies of water, take advantage of this by enjoying the cool air on the coastline, and your core temperature will stay in a safer range. A quick run in the morning is always wiser than waiting for it to get hotter. Besides, many vacations are enjoyed best when you wake up early to make the most of each day!

Staying on the Move

The great thing about cardio is that you can work on it almost anywhere. Whether you’re going out of town or not, explore the possibilities available to you when it comes to trails or other areas suitable for running or cycling. Summer is the best season to enjoy the scenery, so take in the sights while staying fit! If you find it difficult to make extra time for dedicated exercise, make your everyday choices as fitness-friendly as you can, such as choosing to go somewhere on foot or by bicycle rather than by vehicle. Taking the stairs rather than always relying on elevators or escalators is another healthful choice to make.

Getting Creative

If you’re going on a trip, shape your vacation plans in a way that includes plenty of physically-driven attractions or activities. It’s important to do this rather than sit in that hotel room all day. It’s for the sake of both maintaining exercise habits and having the most exciting vacation you can. Even if you’re not leaving town, take some time to enjoy local park areas or facilities that you’ve yet to explore. From a game on the basketball court to some frisbee in open grass areas, the sky’s the limit during summer!

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