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Sweet Exercises To Try With Your Sweetheart

Sweet Exercises To Try With Your Sweetheart - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

It’s that time of year again and love is in the air. What better way to express your fondness for someone than to work out together? We don’t mean running on the treadmill next to each other, no, we mean actually working out together. These exercises will get you up close and personal just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Leap Frog

Think back to elementary school gym class, we’re bringing this activity back! It’s simple, your partner starts crouched on the ground, hands and balls of their feet should be the only body parts in contact with the floor. You stand behind them and place your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Using your hands to balance, leap over them and land in a crouch on the ground in front. Your partner will stand up and jump over you in the same way. Think of these as jump squats, but more fun.

Plank Reassurance

Workouts can be tough, but during this activity you won’t forget that you’re not alone. Face each other in a high plank. Make sure that you are only about one foot away from your partner. Lift your right hand and reach towards your partner’s left shoulder. They will be doing this at the same time. Replace arms as quickly as possible and alternate with the left side. Continue doing this for 30 seconds. Your abs will be burning just like the flame in your heart!


If you’ve ever heard of Fred Astaire’s classic song “Cheek to Cheek,” you’ll find this exercise is something like that. You and your partner start by standing one foot apart, facing away from each other. Feet should be further than shoulder-width apart. One of you holds a medicine ball with both hands. Squat so that you are literally cheek to cheek with your partner. Pass the medicine ball between your legs to your partner. Your partner will then lift the medicine ball and pass it back to you overhead. After 20 reps, switch directions.

If you’re wanting to take the next step with your honey, incorporate these exercises into your regular routine and get ready to sweat!