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What’s the Deal with Superfoods?

What’s the Deal with Superfoods? - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

Unless you’re living under a rock (in which case you wouldn’t be reading this), you probably have heard the term “superfood” being thrown around quite a lot. But what actually is a superfood and how will it benefit you? Before you start filling your cupboards with blueberries and wheatgrass, here are some
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4 Reasons Why Music Is Your Best Workout Buddy

4 Reasons Why Music Is Your Best Workout Buddy - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

Nothing is more motivational than an awesome workout playlist. The right tunes can pump us up and keep us going all through our exercise routine. But did you know that working out to music actually has scientifically proven benefits? Get Lost in the Music Listening to music during a workout can
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Work it Right the First Time

Mike Holmes is right about doing it right the first time. What is the point of doing something or even learning something twice. This idea can also be applied to your fitness regime, as we are about to talk about one of our favourite topics: Proper Exercise Technique. Whenever we do
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Lose Weight By Managing Stress

Stress. We all have it, we all know that it’s not a good thing. But sometimes life just keeps throwing stress at us. The immediate needs of the moment can overwhelm us and push us away from stress reduction techniques – we think “I can relax more tomorrow, after I’ve dealt
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Hate Vegetables? Here are 4 Ways to Make Them Better

When we do our assessments at our Calgary bootcamp, our members often ask us how they can make their food taste better without a lot of extra calories. They have health and fitness goals that they want to reach, and their workouts are helping, but the nutrition half of the lifestyle
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Four Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp on Stretching

Four Reasons Why You Should Never Skimp on Stretching - Vitality Fitness - Bootcamp Calgary

There is a reason that stretching is a mandatory activity before and after a workout, but it’s not just for ramping up or cooling down! In fact, there are a plethora of benefits to regular stretching. We’ve compiled a list of our top four reasons to put in some stretching time
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Should I do cardio for weight loss?

Doing cardio work gets overemphasized with weight loss . Whether you workout on your own, with a personal trainer, do a bootcamp, and whatever your fitness goals may be, cardio has its place. With weight loss being the focus, proper nutrition and a properly designed weight training plan need to your
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Staying Safe While Getting Fit

Staying Safe While Getting Fit - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Calgary

Sometimes pushing yourself and testing your limits is an important part of achieving those hard-to-get goals. However, there are moments when pushing yourself too hard and forgetting to take the right precautions can set you back. Here’s how to avoid those exercise mishaps. Pacing Yourself A lot of exercise is all
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New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness

New Year’s Resolutions for Health and Fitness - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Courses Calgary

Whether you treated yourself to Christmas cookies and a large feast or you fell behind on your exercise routine, the beginning of a new year often requires a little health and fitness catch-up to get back on track. Allow us to suggest a few resolutions that will give you the right
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Christmas Treats: Knowing the Good from the Bad

Christmas Treats: Knowing the Good from the Bad - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Classes Calgary

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year to try out new recipes and enjoy great meals with friends and family. Before you run off to the grocery store to stock up on ingredients, we’d like to offer a few ideas of what to enjoy and what to
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