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Sleep and Hormones

Today’s lifestyles tend to be filled with a mad rush of activity. We all have goals that we want to accomplish, we all have busy social lives, and we all have jobs that need to be done. It always seems there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.
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Coming Back To Exercise After An Injury- 3 Things to Know

If you haven’t had an injury yet, consider yourself lucky. Many people who exercise and play sports find themselves having an injury at some point. Yes, you should treat your injury immediately. There’s even a handy acronym – RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Seek out appropriate professional help from a physiotherapist,
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Summer’s Here! Tips to Stay on Track!

Summer’s Here! Tips to Stay on Track! - Vitality Fitness - Boot Camp Classes Calgary

With so many fun events to choose from in the summer, it can be easy to let your attention be drawn away from your fitness goals. If you’re staying relatively active, the damage will hopefully be minimal, but staying on track during the summer is important. If you’ve worked hard throughout
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What it takes to become Successful

success road sign

Today’s blog post is both personal, and inspirational for all of you. This weekend we are celebrating the 4 year anniversary of Vitality Fitness. This weekend is extremely special for me, as it’s a representation of how far this organization has come in such a short period of time. It’s a
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Motivation – how to get your mojo back

motivation road sign

Everyone experiences a lack of motivation with their health and fitness. Whether you are an athlete, a mother of 3 children, or a working professional, periods of demotivation are bound to set in with your health and fitness goals. This applies to all things in life. Whether it be a relationship,
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Reducing the Costs of Eating Healthy

Healthy Food

In today’s era of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and steroid-enhanced cows, chickens, sheep, and other animals, eating healthy and natural can be difficult. First of all, organic produce and naturally fed protein can simply be difficult to track down. Secondly, if you are able to find quality meat and produce, they
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Squat Demonstration for Athletic Training

As we discussed in the flexibility article a few weeks ago, flexibility training is a very underutilized , yet critical part, of a healthy and fit lifestyle. Having the ability to move your muscles through a full range of motion will not only prevent injury, but will also increase your strength
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Long-Term Benefits of Regular Physical Activity


As many of you know, regular physical activity can have tremendous positive effects on your body. Working out once or twice a week might not be the healthiest way to go. Studies suggest that daily activity, even simply in the form of walking a mile or two, can greatly increase your
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Flexibility – Why it’s so important


How much should I stretch? Stretching, flexibility, mobility, etc are one and the same, yet a very overlooked area of most fitness programs. One of the main causes of injury is a lack of flexibility – particularly in the hamstrings, lower back, quadriceps, hip flexors, pec major and minor, anterior deltoids,
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So what about Crossfit?

face you make

So one question we get from a lot of our Calgary bootcamp clients is, what is Crossfit and how does it differ from our bootcamp at Vitality Fitness? Both are group training, yet they differ significantly. Here are 3 ways in which Crossfit is different from our bootcamp at Vitality Fitness
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